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Adaptive Fuel Systems 2015-06-17

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Adaptions make an important difference to the way the engine performs; the engine can suffer from poor starting, poor idling, and poor engine performance when riding, until it has adapted correctly. All of these symptoms will create a negative experience for the customer and can be avoided if the motorcycle is handed over correctly adapted. The motorcycle should be adapted when new, prior to customer hand over, and also after a service, or repair or replacement of any engine, fuel or ignition system components. Items or conditions which may require the motorcycle to be adapted include (but are not limited to) throttle bodies, throttle position sensor, idle speed control stepper motor, high engine friction (new engine), incorrect valve clearances, SAI system, air leaks, fuel pressure issues, changes in fuel quality, air or fuel filter blockages etc. Riding style, riding the motorcycle at high or low altitude, or downloading a new tune, do not affect the adaptions.
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