1. C

    Seat USB no power

    Hey all, I've had my T100 for a couple of years now. I've mostly been using for commuting but going to start doing some more long journies on it so thought I'd try and use the underseat USB port to connect up a phone charging cable under the tank and routed to the handlebars. I already have the...
  2. bikes_Jul 01 2019.jpg

    bikes_Jul 01 2019.jpg

    My wife's and my bikes, just before we moved them up to PA.
  3. bikes_Jul 01 2019 2.jpg

    bikes_Jul 01 2019 2.jpg

    My wife's and my bikes, just before we moved them up to PA.
  4. bikes_Jul 01 2019 1.jpg

    bikes_Jul 01 2019 1.jpg

    My wife's and my bikes, just before we moved them up to PA.
  5. C

    Mapping advice please

    Hi guys, Im switching the exhaust on my 2015 aircooled, and Im not sure if I can get the correct advice on what mapping to use for this exhaust: If anyone could help me out I would surely appreciate it...
  6. D

    Checking idle of 2016 T120

    Hi! This is my first post on the forum, hello everybody! I just got a new (to me) 2016 T120 Black w/ the gunmetal gas tank! Bike is awesome!!! Just wanted to check on a few things, as I am very particular about my cars/bikes. The bike appears to have a slightly rough idle, and maybe...
  7. M

    Purchasing a Used 2011 Bonneville T100

    Hey friends, I'm a new rider purchasing his first bike. It is a 2011 Bonneville T100. I'm purchasing through an organization called IMotorsports Inc, a company just outside of Chicago. The bike looks pretty good from the photos online, and I go in to see it and possibly negotiate for its...
  8. Cobracita

    1979 Triumph Bonneville T140E with Original Parts

    1979 Triumph Bonneville T140E twin engine 750cc Odometer: 17,400 VIN T140EDA20641 Fuel Efficiency: average 45mpg Clean Texas Title in my name For more info on this model please see the Hagerty valuation tool here: 1979 triumph t140e bonneville Values | Hagerty Valuation Tool® Price: $3950 OBO...
  9. A

    Route 66 bonneville

    Hi guys looking to hire a bonneville in usa and ride from chicago to LA but all big companies only hire harleys does anyone on here know anywhere I can borrow one in usa for 16 days mid may 2019? Many thanks al
  10. Greyfell

    Bonneville "Newchurch" edition

    I don't know a lot about this edition of the Bonneville, nor do I know the year of production, though I think it is less than 10 years ago. I also don't know if the metal parts were blacked out before or after purchase. This good-looking bike belongs to the friend of a neighbor of mine. The rack...
  11. T

    2016 Bonneville

    I spent my Sunday afternoon on the new to me 2016 Bonneville after upgrading from my "American V twin". It was the most social ride that I have ever had. Everywhere I stopped, people were coming up to tell me about the BSA or Norton that they used to ride and admiring the looks of the...
  12. P


    Hey folks! I have been looking into some aftermarket exhaust pipes, but I still like the way the original stock peashooters look on those bikes. I am just wondering if anybody knows if and how I can adjust the stock mufflers to be just a little bit louder. That's pretty much all I'm looking...
  13. BellaCorse

    Wheel Alignment... My Take On How-to

    On a suspension thread, I indirectly commented about the importance of proper wheel alignment. Here's how I do it. (Applicable to all 790cc & 865cc twins) First off, in most cases, the stamped alignment marks on the stock rear axle adjusters are off enough to affect the handling of the bike...
  14. sketch383

    Triumph Bonneville Removal Stock Handlebars

    Hey everyone, I wanted to play around with the handlebars the other day (reverse it, move it back and forward) But i couldn't even loosen the stock clamp. the allen heads is 6mm but i can't remove them, they're either tight as anything or they sealed it with something. Anyone else have this...
  15. B

    Need 77 Bonneville Help

    Finally got the Bonneville out to go for a ride and when I went to kick it over I found two problems. 1. The clutch plates are frozen. Apparently 6 months of sitting was too much loneliness for them and they bonded. Not the end of the world. Take the clutch apart and separate them. 2. The kick...
  16. sketch383

    2009 Bonneville 865, Rattle In The Engine

    Hi everyone, I'm no mechanic or engineer I just love riding so i'm pretty clueless in the mechanical side. I bought just this week from the dealership a second hand 2009 Bonneville. The bike sounded and ran fine on the test ride, on the way home and even on the night ride i had on that same...
  17. S

    Bonneville T100 2010 Bad Engine Sound, Please Help

    Dear Gentlemen I want to buy a used 2010 Triumph Bonneville t100 but it has terrible engine sound. The Owner told me, its just a valves and after adjustment it will be normal but i am afraid, its more serious. The bike is 29 000km but last service maintenance was at 1700km Please see attached...
  18. BonnieV

    2013 Bonneville A.k.a. Clyde - Screen And Mirror Upgrades

    I purchased Clyde in February of 2015 (new from the dealership with great incentives). This is my first classic/cruiser. The first modification I made to Clyde was a windscreen. It was an aftermarket "one size fits all" screen that attached to the handlebars. It mostly did its job, but...
  19. IMG_1386


    Triumph Quick Release Summer Screen + Handlebar Mirrors + Waxed Luggage Bags
  20. IMG_1430


    Triumph Quick Release Summer Screen + Handlebar Mirrors + Waxed Luggage Bags


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