1. DaveM

    Indian Might be Working on an Adventure Bike

    More and More Adventure The motorcycle industry is all about the adventure bikes right now. Harley is getting into the game with the Pan America, Triumph has a new Tiger 900, Suzuki has a new V-Strom, and there are plenty of others. Now, according to ADV Pulse, there’s some leaked information...
  2. DaveM

    The 2020 Triumph Tiger 900 Will Come in December

    Your First Glimpse of the New Tiger Rumors about a new Triumph Tiger 900 have swirled recently, and that had me thinking it would come soon. When I didn’t see it at EICMA, I thought maybe it would be next year, but I was wrong. The company let it be known in a teaser video that it will debut...
  3. DaveM

    The First Triumph Bajaj Motorcycle Could be the Avenger 400

    The First Bike of Many? I’ve reported before on the fact that Triumph and Bajaj will work together on some smaller displacement models. The companies will team up to make motorcycles between 400cc and 800cc in displacement. According to new information, the first bike that could come from this...
  4. DaveM

    Motorcycle racer banned and fired after grabbing competitor's handbrake

    You wonder what he was thinking knowing full well what the outcome of doing something like this could be. Full story here - Motorcycle racer banned and fired after grabbing competitor's handbrake
  5. Mad On Triumphs

    Mike ‘the Bike’ Hailwood

    Mike Hailwood will go down as one of the greatest racers in history. He was known as ‘Mike The Bike’ because of his natural riding ability. A multiple time world champion, Hailwood continually pushed himself to be the best on the track, and his love of motorbikes started from an early age...


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