1. A

    Winter storage

    Hello there, winter is almost over here in Finland so it is time to take the bike out of storage. I have a question about fuel, i added stabilizer in the tank and filled it to the brim. Should i drain the tank and fill it up with new fuel or can i use the fuel that is in the tank? Any other...
  2. brokeback

    Fuel Issue

    Im having random fuel delivery failure while riding. It last for less than a second and the onset is very random. When it cuts out the fuel light and check engine light come on for about 3 seconds. It happens at random RPM and throttle. Over the last year I have replaced spark plugs, voltage...
  3. G

    2010 Speed Triple Fuel Gauge

    Hey guys. just bought a 2nd hand 2010 speed triple with 40,000kms on the clock. loving it. the only issue is it does not seem to have a fuel gauge! every manual and site I've checked has them as standard the dodgy dealership i bought it off just told me they never came with one, I don't know if...


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