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  1. N

    Need Help With Part !

    I need help. I was washing my bike and this small piece came off. I have no idea where it goes. I’m sure it’s probably not essential but my OCD will drive me nuts. Does anyone know where this attaches to. Thank you.
  2. C

    Mapping advice please

    Hi guys, Im switching the exhaust on my 2015 aircooled, and Im not sure if I can get the correct advice on what mapping to use for this exhaust: If anyone could help me out I would surely appreciate it...
  3. A

    Thruxton sounds weird

    So i have a 2004 Thruxton with 20k kms on it. The bike starts up really good and feels smooth when driving. BUT it has this really weird sound which i cant locate. Have asked around a bit but no one seems to know what it could be so im testing my luck here. View:
  4. A

    Exhaust stud broken

    So my 2004 Thruxton has one exhaust stud broken in the cylinder head, should i worry or can i use the bike as usual? Also why do Thruxtons sound like they have an air leak? Watched several videos in Youtube and they all have the same chirping kind of noice. Just curious why it has that sound and...
  5. sketch383

    2009 Bonneville 865, Rattle In The Engine

    Hi everyone, I'm no mechanic or engineer I just love riding so i'm pretty clueless in the mechanical side. I bought just this week from the dealership a second hand 2009 Bonneville. The bike sounded and ran fine on the test ride, on the way home and even on the night ride i had on that same...


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