1. DaveM

    Kawasaki and Triumph patent electric bikes?

    Kawasaki and Triumph are the latest motorcycle companies rumoured to be working on electric motorcycles, based on recent patent and trademark filings. Kawasaki patent The Kawasaki lecture motorcycle rumour looks interesting because the patent filings show the big has a substantial cooling...
  2. DaveM

    Home movie shows The Great Escape stunts

    A home movie showing an Aussie rider’s involvement in the making of 1963 film The Great Escape has surfaced after more than 75 years. Australian rider Tim Gibbes (pictured above with the original bike and current owner Dick Shepherd) was selected to perform stunts in the famous movie while he...
  3. DaveM

    Is an electric Triumph around the corner?

    Triumph Motorcycles is surveying customers with an email asking if they’ve ridden an electric motorcycle and whether the British company should make an electric Triumph. It’s not the first time Triumph has surveyed its customers about an electric bike. They launched a short online survey as far...
  4. DaveM

    Are slow motorcycle sales cause for panic?

    Motorcycle sales might be in a two-year slump in Australia, but there is no cause for general panic about the global motorcycle industry just yet. Several motorcycle manufacturers are reporting growth in profits and even record sales, while many markets continue to increase in sales. Perhaps...
  5. DaveM

    Motorcycle racer banned and fired after grabbing competitor's handbrake

    You wonder what he was thinking knowing full well what the outcome of doing something like this could be. Full story here - Motorcycle racer banned and fired after grabbing competitor's handbrake
  6. DaveM

    Ground-Breaking Production Motorcycles

    Every day we see the progression of motorcycles and way back this was also true with some very strange bikes being developed. So let us take a look at a few of these. Michaux-Perreaux Steam Velocipede The Michaux-Perreaux steam velocipede was a steam powered velocipede made in France...
  7. DaveM

    5 Best British Motorcycle Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

    I posted this one up as the Official Triumph account has some neat photos that are worth browsing through and you don't need to be a member to see the photos either Whether you love an adrenaline fuelled motorcycle ride around hairpin bends, two-wheeled adventures on distant tracks, or simply...
  8. Baldeagle

    Nicky Hayden

    I haven't seen anything about Nicky's accident on our forum so just thought would inform you that Nicky was cycling on the Rimini coast road after last weekends WSB round when he was hit by a car.His condition remains extremely critical and his family are with him.He is in a medically induced...
  9. DaveM

    Mo Interview: Reid Wilson, Director Of Marketing For Indian Motorcycle

    Lead Photo by: Barry Hathaway Indian summoned the moto-press to San Diego a couple of weeks ago to introduce another new model that’s embargoed until about April. One of the most interesting parts of this particular junket were the remarks by Reid Wilson, Indian’s 37-year old Marketing...
  10. DaveM

    Skidmarks: Universal Truth?

    Lead photo by: Cesar Godoy Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art. —Ralph Waldo Emerson Here’s a sure way to get six conflicting opinions: put three motorcyclists in a room together and show them a photo of a bike. Some will love it, some will hate it, and then they start...


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