1. DaveM

    Church of MO: Top 10 Ups And Downs Of 2010

    2020 will go down in history as the Year of the Coronavirus, in which not so many newsworthy things happened in the world of motorcycling; we were all on lockdown. It was, at least, a very good year to go riding, as well as a good one for the industry in general, by most reports. Fewer cars on...
  2. DaveM

    Are motorcycle sales defying pandemic?

    Anecdotal evidence and reports from around the world suggest that the motorcycle market might be surprisingly defying the COVID-19 crisis with increasing sales. Dealers tell us that after the lockdown started to ease, sales have increased substantially, especially among premium motorcycles...
  3. DaveM

    Triumph Motorcycles to slash more jobs

    Triumph Motorcycle will slash 400 jobs as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and their plan to move more production from Hinckley to Thailand. The British company announced in February that it would cut 240 of its 2500-strong global workforce with 50 of the 1000 employed at Hinckley to go as...
  4. CarlS

    HD CEO Steps Down

    Harley-Davidson’s president and CEO has announced he’s leaving the position, effective immediately. Well, sort of. Matt Levatich made the announcement today, and although he’s going to help the company through a few weeks of transition, he’s leaving the big boss role at the MoCo, a job he’s...
  5. DaveM

    Are slow motorcycle sales cause for panic?

    Motorcycle sales might be in a two-year slump in Australia, but there is no cause for general panic about the global motorcycle industry just yet. Several motorcycle manufacturers are reporting growth in profits and even record sales, while many markets continue to increase in sales. Perhaps...


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