street twin

  1. D

    Installing x-pipe motone

    Hi folks..,i just installing x-pipe on to my street twin. View: any tip or trick like advantage and disadvantage using x-pipe.Thanks
  2. M

    Exhaust pipe color - is this normal?

    Note: I just realized this is posted in Speed Twin forum but should be in Street Twin forum. Can I move or delete and repost? Newbie mistake. Thx! Hi all - I am a brand new Street Twin owner and I’m absolutely loving the bike. Question about the coloring of the exhaust pipes. How long should...
  3. Edawg

    Anyone Seen This Yet? So Clean!

    DuBolex Engineering did up a clean ST... TRIUMPH STREET TWIN <---- Link attached. Unfortunately I am nowhere near the UK, would love to go there and check them out! Wish they sold parts!!
  4. surfr007

    Street Twin Replacement Tires

    The options of Dual sport tires are very limited for the Street twin front: 100 x 90 x 18. looking for suggestions: 80/20 tire is preferred. anyone install/ride on the Heidenau K60 & K60 Scout Tire Sizes: K60 110/80 – 18 M/C 58S TT And will this size work on the front?
  5. PhantomII

    2016 T-120's And Street Twins Chains Are Too Long

    So after the debacle with my drive chain adjuster being maxed out and Triumph finally agreeing to look at I took a look at all of the 2016 models of T-120's and Street Twins on my dealer floor, and every single one of them the chain adjuster was maxed out so I suggest if you own one you take a...


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