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    Seat USB no power

    Hey all, I've had my T100 for a couple of years now. I've mostly been using for commuting but going to start doing some more long journies on it so thought I'd try and use the underseat USB port to connect up a phone charging cable under the tank and routed to the handlebars. I already have the...
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    Purchasing a Used 2011 Bonneville T100

    Hey friends, I'm a new rider purchasing his first bike. It is a 2011 Bonneville T100. I'm purchasing through an organization called IMotorsports Inc, a company just outside of Chicago. The bike looks pretty good from the photos online, and I go in to see it and possibly negotiate for its...
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    How much should I budget for a T100 carb?

    Hi, I am looking for one of the new early carb T100 on about a 2003 plate with less than 20,000 miles in good condition. How much should I budget? Thanks Jimnibob
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    Bonneville T100 2010 Bad Engine Sound, Please Help

    Dear Gentlemen I want to buy a used 2010 Triumph Bonneville t100 but it has terrible engine sound. The Owner told me, its just a valves and after adjustment it will be normal but i am afraid, its more serious. The bike is 29 000km but last service maintenance was at 1700km Please see attached...


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