1. A

    Winter storage

    Hello there, winter is almost over here in Finland so it is time to take the bike out of storage. I have a question about fuel, i added stabilizer in the tank and filled it to the brim. Should i drain the tank and fill it up with new fuel or can i use the fuel that is in the tank? Any other...
  2. A

    Thruxton sounds weird

    So i have a 2004 Thruxton with 20k kms on it. The bike starts up really good and feels smooth when driving. BUT it has this really weird sound which i cant locate. Have asked around a bit but no one seems to know what it could be so im testing my luck here. View:
  3. A

    Exhaust stud broken

    So my 2004 Thruxton has one exhaust stud broken in the cylinder head, should i worry or can i use the bike as usual? Also why do Thruxtons sound like they have an air leak? Watched several videos in Youtube and they all have the same chirping kind of noice. Just curious why it has that sound and...
  4. Z

    Let's talk tires!

    Gents & ladies, I'm new to this forum, and new to the Thruxton, so if I'm repeating a thread please let me know. Now onto my dilemma. I just moved to Santa Fe, NM and have found that there are some unexpected dirt and gravel roads up here. Also, flash rains happen here even in the summer. So...
  5. A

    Oil question

    Hello, got my first bike a while ago and now it is time for a oil change. The manual suggests 10w40/10w50, i have 4L of 15w50 since the last owner said he had used that one. Is it safe to use it or should i buy another type of oil? Thank you in advance. Anton
  6. BellaCorse

    Wheel Alignment... My Take On How-to

    On a suspension thread, I indirectly commented about the importance of proper wheel alignment. Here's how I do it. (Applicable to all 790cc & 865cc twins) First off, in most cases, the stamped alignment marks on the stock rear axle adjusters are off enough to affect the handling of the bike...
  7. dynajohn

    Some Progress In Finding More Engine Performance

    My 2016 Thruxton R has undergone further testing to see if we could get more HP out of the 1200 CC motor. This was never an attempt to get additional performance through radical changes like increasing displacement, cylinder head porting, or installing a race cam which would require replacement...
  8. Havoc1200R

    Arrow Exhaust

    Hi, I have the Arrow headers on order, anyone fitted them ? Planning on a before and after dyno run. Currently have the remus slip ons with baffles out on the bike. Cheers
  9. Havoc1200R

    Let The Mods Begin

    hi everyone, here's a couple pics of my 1200R with both seats, fender eliminated using bits I gathered and changed up indicators.. there's Remus exhaust on the way as well.. summer is upon me here in Australia.. stay safe :)
  10. M-obsessed

    Thruxton R - Headlight Guard?

    Hi, Do people know, if the old diameter of the Thruxton 900 (04-15) headlight is the same as on the new Thruxton 1200? The reason why I wonder, are if the Headlight Guard from Rizoma (for Thruxton 900) will fit "bolt-on" on the Thruxton 1200? Would appreciate a prompt reply if anyone knows...


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