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  1. S

    New To Me Tiger Oil Question.

    Hey guys! I just picked up a 13 Tiger 800 from my local dealer with only 9k miles. They said the serviced it and changed the oil. I’ve put just over 400 miles in the week I’ve had it, checked the oil last night and it looks a little strange color wise, bike runs great just checking. I run Motul...
  2. brooke

    Lost my pillion

    Lost my pillion yesterday. If you have a used one that will fit a 2011 Tiger 800 please reply. Any suggestions gratefully received . enclosed pix of it on the bike half way through the ride. Noticed it was AWOL when I got home. thanks Brooke
  3. 2012-Triumph-Tiger800d


    Tiger 800 / 800XC
  4. 2012-Triumph-Tiger800XCe


    Tiger 800 / 800XC


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