1. DaveM

    Dunlop Launches Two New Tires: Trailmax Mission and SportSmart TT Trail

    Two Different Tires, Two Different Purposes Dunlop announced that it’s introducing two new sets of tires. These tires are at different ends of the spectrum but both for adventure touring machines. The first is the Trailmax Mission. It’s designed for serious off-roading. The second is the...
  2. DaveM

    Ask MO Anything: How Do Different Tires Affect My ABS and Traction Control?

    Dear MOby, Does changing tires or wheel size on a bike that has IMU-based lean-sensitive ABS/TC performance alter the calculations or algorithms that are coded? I can understand ABS working okay because it’s monitoring wheel speed via the ABS rings, but unsure how the leaning TC would work. As...
  3. Jfeuillet

    Tube or tubeless on 2009 Bonneville T100

    I bought recently this 2009 Bonneville T100 with spoked wheels. It's almost time to replace the tires. Si this morning I looked what it said in the Haynes Repair Manual to check what I needed to buy. In section 6-2 the manual writes that for the 2009 I need Tubeless tires. I checked on the bike...
  4. surfr007

    Street Twin Replacement Tires

    The options of Dual sport tires are very limited for the Street twin front: 100 x 90 x 18. looking for suggestions: 80/20 tire is preferred. anyone install/ride on the Heidenau K60 & K60 Scout Tire Sizes: K60 110/80 – 18 M/C 58S TT And will this size work on the front?


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