1. CarlS

    A Smart Phone Made For Motorcycles

    I have destroyed one smartphone and damaged another while riding. I use my smartphone as a GPS using Google Maps when traveling distances and off pavement. I use an X cradle to hold my phone and I ride in the rain. I had never heard of a Kyocera phone; but when my Samsung S20 FE 5G bites the...
  2. DaveM

    Whatever happened to BSA revival?

    The expected revival of the traditional British motorcycle brand, BSA, seems to have stalled more than three years after the brand was bought by Mahindra. Indian tractor and automotive company Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) bought the revered brand for $A5.4m in October 2016 through their wholly...
  3. DaveM

    Charley and Ewan adventure on LiveWire

    Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman are riding specially equipped Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycles with dual-sport tyres and wire wheels. Last week we confirmed that their third travel documentary, Long Way Up, from Tierra del Fuego, South America, to Los Angeles would feature the...
  4. DaveM

    Hollywood star motorbikes for sale

    Imagine how much you would make the ladies swoon if you turned up for your Sunday morning ride on the bike Hollywood star Richard Gere rode in An Officer and a Gentleman! The bike is one of several included in the Icons and Legends of Hollywood sale on 25-26 September 2019 which also includes...
  5. DaveM

    Bonneville Pilgrimage: Offerings to The God of Seating

    During the Southern California Timing Association’s Bonneville Speed Week, motels nearby are expensive and fully booked. Which leaves campgrounds. And I hate carrying camping gear on a motorcycle. When I see those BMW earth-roamer types with all the gear piled up over their heads I think, “Oh...
  6. DaveM

    Here are Some Spy Shots of Triumph’s Updated Bobber

    The Focus Looks to be on Performance Triumph’s Bobber already performed pretty well, much better than many people expected. Now the company is working on an updated model. Motorcycle News, recently shared a bunch of photos of the new bike and discussed the updates spotted on it. First up, the...
  7. DaveM

    Triumph and F1 team developing electric bikes

    Triumph Motorcycles and British F1 team Williams have received millions in government funding to produce electric motorcycles over the next two years. The iconic British motorcycle manufacturer has been surveying its customers since 2012 to see if they are interested in them producing electric...
  8. DaveM

    Motorcycle Travels 310 Miles On Single Liter Of Water

    A motorbike that runs on water is able to travel 310 miles on just one single liter and not surprisingly has gained a great deal of interest. https://www.disclose.tv/motorcycle-travels-310-miles-on-single-liter-of-water-314288
  9. DaveM

    Is an electric Triumph around the corner?

    Triumph Motorcycles is surveying customers with an email asking if they’ve ridden an electric motorcycle and whether the British company should make an electric Triumph. It’s not the first time Triumph has surveyed its customers about an electric bike. They launched a short online survey as far...
  10. DaveM

    The Best Electric Motorcycles

    I was watching a tech program on TV and they focused a lot on electric modes of transport. There were a few electric motorcycles featured as well and I am really impressed with how far they have come in this line. The biggest drawback for any electric powered vehicle still seems to be the range...
  11. DaveM

    BMW wants to offer motorcycle ride-sharing

    What are your thoughts on this concept as I am looking at this from both side. As a pillion I have never just jumped onto the back of bike, I need to know the rider and have the utmost trust in their abilities to keep me safe. As a rider I would be wary of just letting anyone on the back of...
  12. Rocky

    Yamaha Niken

    This is the Yamaha Niken three-wheeler which received a fairly glowing review in Rider Magazine and may hit the market in late 2018. At 580 pounds and an expected price tag of around $16,000.00 US, I'm a bit skeptical about its success, but that's just me. Kudos to Yamaha for their imagination...
  13. Baldeagle

    Nicky Hayden

    I haven't seen anything about Nicky's accident on our forum so just thought would inform you that Nicky was cycling on the Rimini coast road after last weekends WSB round when he was hit by a car.His condition remains extremely critical and his family are with him.He is in a medically induced...


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