1. DaveM

    2021 Middleweight Adventure Bike Spec Shootout

    No category in motorcycling right now is as hot as the middleweight adventure bike category, with the flames ignited by the likes of the KTM 890 Adventure R and Yamaha Tenere 700. Two very different motorcycles with one common objective, the MO crew has finally been able to gather the KTM and...
  2. DaveM

    Farewell To A Category-Defining Sportbike: An R6 Retrospective

    With news of the Yamaha R6 going the way of the dodo bird, we thought it fitting to take a look back through the Motorcycle.com archives to see all the things we’ve written about Yamaha’s mighty little sportbike. Like the R6, Motorcycle.com has gone through a few changes since its inception in...
  3. DaveM

    The Best Bikes for Smaller Riders (and Budgets): 2019 Edition!

    Bigger doesn’t always mean better, and fortunately for those of us looking for a fun, affordable motorcycle there are more choices than ever. Nearly every manufacturer now offers at least one model that will fit just about any rider’s size and/or budget. Scroll down for Rider’s 2019 list of...
  4. DaveM

    Why are bike sales in a two-year slump?

    Motorcycle sales are now in a two-year slump in Australia and it’s time to ask what can be done about it. While it’s good news in the short term for customers with bike companies likely to offer discounts and dealers ready to do dealers, it is not good for the industry and customers in the long...
  5. Rocky

    Yamaha Niken

    This is the Yamaha Niken three-wheeler which received a fairly glowing review in Rider Magazine and may hit the market in late 2018. At 580 pounds and an expected price tag of around $16,000.00 US, I'm a bit skeptical about its success, but that's just me. Kudos to Yamaha for their imagination...
  6. DaveM

    Danny Eslick Wins His Third Daytona 200

    Eslick won in 2014 on a Triumph, 2015 on a Suzuki, was suspended from the 2016 race, and won the 2017 edition on a Yamaha. Begin Press Release: Danny Eslick Wins 3rd DAYTONA 200 Title With Last-Lap Pass Danny Eslick used a classic slingshot move coming out of NASCAR Turn 4 to pass Cory West...


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