1. DaveM

    Harley Abandons India, Triumph Doubles Down

    A week ago we were surprised to learn Harley-Davidson was pulling out of India after more than a decade producing and selling its products there. Today, it’s interesting to learn that Triumph Motorcycles is expecting its sales to grow around 15 to 20 per cent this fiscal year in India, and is...
  2. DaveM

    Motoring Editor Retires To Two Wheels

    When long-serving Royal Automobile Club of Queensland motoring editor Barry Green retired after years of driving supercars in exotic locations, the most common question he was asked is what car would he buy. His answer was … a motorcycle! Now Barry tells Motorbike Writer how he got into...
  3. DaveM

    Top 10 Groundbreaking Motorcycles of the 21st Century (So Far)

    Has it really been 20 years since the world didn’t seize up at the stroke of midnight, as we feared it might? Yes. Every time I walk out into the garage, my 2000 R1 sitting dormant on its stand (the last year of the first-gen R1) reminds me of what a long time ago that was. Next to all the new...
  4. DaveM

    RACQ Motorfest honours Bonneville 60th

    Sixty years down the road and the Triumph Bonneville motorcycle is as trendy and popular as ever among riders including celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Pink, Tom Hardy, George Clooney Bruce Springsteen and David Beckham. To mark the model’s 60th anniversary, this year’s RACQ Motorfest on July...
  5. DaveM

    Mo Interview: Reid Wilson, Director Of Marketing For Indian Motorcycle

    Lead Photo by: Barry Hathaway Indian summoned the moto-press to San Diego a couple of weeks ago to introduce another new model that’s embargoed until about April. One of the most interesting parts of this particular junket were the remarks by Reid Wilson, Indian’s 37-year old Marketing...


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