1979 Triumph Bonneville T140E with Original Parts


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Jul 9, 2019
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1979 Triumph Bonneville T140E 750cc
2012 Triumph Bonneville 865cc
1979 Triumph Bonneville T140E twin engine 750cc
Odometer: 17,400
VIN T140EDA20641
Fuel Efficiency: average 45mpg
Clean Texas Title in my name
For more info on this model please see the Hagerty valuation tool here: 1979 triumph t140e bonneville Values | Hagerty Valuation Tool®
Price: $3950 OBO, this includes the bike itself as well as all of the original parts pictured (plus a few more boxes of parts not pictured). There is everything here to restore this bike to original stock build, or ride it in its current configuration.

This is my first motorcycle and I'm sad to sell it, but I am a daily commuter from Austin to San Marcos and though I've been riding it about 60 miles each weekday, that's a little too much to ask from this bike. It is really fun to ride (I've even done the ton a couple of times on this bike!), and would make a great weekend hill country rider. It's just not what I need for a daily rider, so I bought a 2012 865cc Bonnie for a smoother commute, and I can can't justify keeping both motos.

Bike comes with a couple thousand dollars in original stock parts - so it has everything you need if you're interested in a project to restore this motorcycle to its original condition. This includes the original stock:
-front and rear chrome fenders
-chrome luggage rack
-upholstered seat
-wiring harness
-break and clutch levers
-headlamp, headlamp housing
-original speedo is on the bike; i have the original tacho also and original instrument housing
-airboxes and sidecovers that say Bonneville 750
-tail lights and turn signals
-kick start lever
-passenger foot pegs

Bike includes a new copy of the Haynes Maintenance Manual and the Triumph Service Manuals

I am the third owner, and the 2nd owner put a lot of work and rebuild into this bike for a trip to Sturgis. Includes extensive maintenance records from current and previous owner. I have added:

- [ ] New throttle cable and handle
- [ ] canvas saddlebags (included, but not pictured)
- [ ] black bar-end mirrors
- [ ] Flyscreen Black windshield
- [ ] All fluids changed in last 3 months, carbs adjusted, chain lubed and adjusted, etc. All routine maintenance performed on schedule.
- [ ] Always garage kept
- [ ] New 12V powersport battery and spare battery provided
- [ ] Upgraded to new 6V ignition system, (has Boyer, not Points ignition system)
- [ ] Handlebar mounted clock and thermometer

Previous owner added:
- [ ] Aftermarket Hydraulic Clutch
- [ ] Boyer Ignition
- [ ] New pancake air filters and streamlined all-black side covers (I have the original airboxes and sidecovers if you want to reinstall those for a more vintage look)
- [ ] Custom adjustable brake and clutch levers
- [ ] Custom leather seat (I have the original Triumph seat you can reinstall if you want)
- [ ] Tires: Dunlop Gold Seal K70 (with less than 1500 miles)

- [ ] Extensive maintenance records from current and previous owners
- [ ] Haynes Maintenance Manual
- [ ] Triumph Service Manual
- [ ] Several boxes of original parts including: original twin seat, passenger foot pegs, ignition wiring, original levers, cable clutch, original Lucas Headlight, turn signals and tail lights, original air boxes and side covers, original mirrors, original chrome rear rack, carb jets, original controls, original handlebars, and lots more!




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12 Tiger 800 XC
Great looking bike. I wish you the best with the sale.

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