2008 Speed Triple been sitting for 6 years


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This is my first post on this website, let alone this thread. I was just gifted a 2008 Triumph Speed Triple that has been sitting for 6 years without maintenance I think. My first problem is that whenever I insert the key into the gas cap, the tumblers won't turn, even the key. I don't want to break the key off inside so I don't turn it really hard but we tried unscrewing the ring outside the cap off and were afraid of breaking the fuel tank so left it alone. We continually cover it in WD-40 and let is seep down inside the lock but no luck. Hopefully some of you know something about this issue. Thanks again.
This is a tough one and I don't have an answer.
WD-40 isn't much of a lubricant, but if the key slides in and out and the tumblers don't seem to be frozen (rust?) then I doubt if any lube will help.
You might try spraying in a bit of silicone lube in there and see if that helps.
If not, then this may be a problem for a locksmith - unless somebody here can come up with something.
Are you sure you have the right key?
Sorry I'm of no real help. Good luck and let us know what happens.
I also am having issues with the wiring underneath the starter. Doesn't seem like the wires have been chewed up but as I said earlier, it's been sitting for 6 years. Should I replace the wires?
Only if they need to be. What's wrong with them?
Before you try and roll it over, maybe remove the sparkplugs and pour about a teaspoon of oil in each cylinder to lubricate the rings and maybe loosen things up. It will smoke for a bit on start up.
Maybe try good quality penetrating oil and let it sit overnight to try and free up the gas cap lock.
Whenever we turn the electronics on, we can wiggle the wires underneath the starter and the electronics will turn off. A lot of work to be done on this bike. Thanks guys
I've had the same problem from time to time. I have used a heat source (match, lighter, etc) to heat the key up and then insert into lock. Usually does the job.
I can help with the gas tank.
Bit late to this thread but for a bike sitting around for that long there is quite a few things to do to get it ready for the road. Hope you got the key thing sorted, obviously the gas in the tank must be addressed. If it's been sitting around that long that means the gas is fouled and your tank is likely rusted. If it has carbs they'll need to be rebuilt or at least thoroughly cleaned. I'd replace all the fluids starting with oil, radiator, and brakes. I'd replace the tires and clean up the chain depending on it's condition or change that and the sprockets if needed. I'd also replace the brake pads and spark plugs. Hopefully after a thorough maintenance it will be road worthy. Make sure you address the gas tank if it's rusty inside you'll only have problems if it's not removed or relined. There are kits to reline a rusty tank but it's tough job that requires you to make sure you take each step right. Other options is to take it to reliable shop to have the tank redone or replace it, both options can be costly but in the end worth it. Good luck.

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