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Keystiger modified his J.C. Whitney Top Box, which by the way is another item The Frugal Biker should look into as it is a $49.00 to $79.00 version of the $250 Givi Monokey Top Box. The modification is Keys, I just performed a copy and paste of his write up. Any errors in this post are mine. If I successfully copied the information over and all is correct, then Keys gets all the credit.

Well, finally got around to a mod I have been looking into for a couple years now.
I bought (from JC WHitney) a topbox for 47.00 some time ago. LOVE the box water tight lots of room just a great deal. But no "extra" features like on the high dollar givi or euro boxes costing hundreds more. So I put my degree in redneck engineering (parts 1 and 2) to good use, found a "frugal" (read cheap) price on an L.E.D. light strip for a whopping $1.43 on fleabay and set about to installing it today. After 1 whole hour she was on and running.

Light looks great and should increase visibility to the "cagers"......who drive like meth addict NASCAR racers here.....and thats on a good day, good lord you should see 'em when it rains!!!!

Having issues getting the pics to load (before and after) any suggestions? I am on a MAC if that has anything to do with it, but if any others are interested I can find links for the box and the lights, though I do believe the price on the box has increased in 2 years but I am sure it is still a frugal (cheap) alternative to name brand.

It's not covered in the original write up but the red lenses either just pops out or may have a few small screws holding it in. I had this same box, I paid $79.00 for mine, but I don't remember how the lenses was removed, I never got around to doing this on mine before I sold it with Black Betty for my new bike.

Another mod that was not covered in the original write up was that Keys painted the ugly from the factory faded/pale orange/pinkish trim on the box. This trim is the trim on the same level as the red lenses and wraps around the rider/pillion side of the box. This mod is easily seen in the second photo, it appears as a glossier black trim. This is a much needed mod for the box and was the only one I made on my J.C. Whitney top box.

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