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To anyone who hasn't "met" me yet (on-line), I'm the new moderator of the Triumph Classics section of TriumphTalk.

The forum has recently undergone another transformation, this one fairly comprehensive, and new moderators are being introduced in many sections. There are lots of new/different features that will take some getting used to (as usual on any forum), so hang in there and let's work together to make this place one of the better online resources for Classic Triumph motorcycles. Note that out Wiki Site is already growing and feel free to get involved there as well.

While there are relatively few members on this forum that own and/or enjoy the Classics, there are still enough of us to grow this place, if we all contribute on a regular basis. Some people are shy, many don't think thier tinkering or rides interest anyone else, and some just don't have the time to spend typing out their project narratives and uploading photos. In ALL of those cases, I say, WHEN YOU HAVE A LITTLE TIME, go ahead and just do it! Believe me, if NOBODY ELSE is interested in how you changed your rear sprocket, I AM! I learn something new nearly every time I read people's project threads, and I get to see new sights and hear of new destinations whenever people tell thier stories. Don't be shy about being long-winded either, if people think your story is too long, they can just click over to another thread, no offense!

So, jump in and lets get our winter projects (or summer rides for you downunder) out there for folks to see!

Paul I am sure looking forward to seeing this area grow as I always enjoy following a project from start to the first ride report. I think for a lot of us these bikes were the ones we learned our riding skills0n and boy did you need skills to be able to ride some of them :y114:
Dave, I don't see a new Triumph project happening for a few months. I'm knee-deep in NORTONS right now; 3 ongoing projects (2 client builds, one personal for sale), and two more client restorations on the way!

I have a (personal project) '68 Bonnie engine bottom end all done, new top end parts on the shelf, powdercoated frame and another box of new bits & bobs, but NO TIME (or space) to get back to it.

As soon as I possibly can (or if a paying TRIUMPH client books a project), i'll get another one going.
Well I suppose I could force myself to follow one of your Norton projects then :y23: Wish I had the space to have an old Triumph, BSA and Norton. I would still love to own an 850 commando as that was my dream back in the 70's and I never got around to ever getting one
Paul, do post your Norton projects. I have a love for the Nortons.
I fully agree I love seeing them all
Gonna try another forum, this time with a little more filters...I had been posting on, but it has gotten out of control for me...I will try to not be so ummmm "open" here.. I have a 1972 Triumph T120RV that has now cost me approaching $4000 from a rather difficult "learning curve". The bike has had 2 crankshafts, and will be installing my 2nd set of rings and pistons this weekend. I have learned just about EVERYTHING that can go wrong with rebuilding these engines, so feel free to ask, and I've basically 'BEEN THERE, DONE THAT". I have recently installed the "Pazon" EI, and a tympanium unit, and she's getting close to being a reliable everyday rider....Me and my wife also enjoy our two 2005 Triumph Americas. Mine has just over 40,000 miles, and the wifes now at nearly 23,000...we really enjoy them...She has to pull over and wait on me alot, as shes much younger (10 years) and more capable. Will post pics as soon as I get around to it..look forward to my new forum here...
Awesome Phoelix!!

Forgive my stupidity here, but what's the RV designation?

Pics are always like money!!! :)
"V" indicates 5-speed transmission.
Looking forward to the pics, Phoelix.
Re: Classics Section NEWS! *** Please Read ***

I just started hanging out on this forum and am looking forward to participating. I have a 1968 Bonneville and have put about 10,000 miles on it in the last four years. Living on the central coast of California we can pretty much ride all year round without freezing. I have been riding since 1962 and bought my first new motorcycle, a 1968 Bonneville, in December of 1967. The 68 I have now is not the same one I had back then, I acquired this one about four years ago. I'll post some "then and now" pictures soon.
Re: Classics Section NEWS! *** Please Read ***

Hello from Australia !

Looking forward to your photos.
Re: Classics Section NEWS! *** Please Read ***

Looking forward to the pics. TUP
Re: Classics Section NEWS! *** Please Read ***

Awesome Phoelix!!

Forgive my stupidity here, but what's the RV designation?

Pics are always like money!!! :)

The 'R' is the export version, and the 'V' means it has the 5-speed gearbox.
Re: Classics Section NEWS! *** Please Read ***

Paul, i will start restoring my "new"76 t140 in a few mo.'s after i get finished with my 82 honda cb 900c and my truck engine, i think i will like this forum,i just joined and don't know much about the workings of a forum but this sounds like fun!!!!!!
Re: Classics Section NEWS! *** Please Read ***

Welcome David. You must be the famous King David from the Bible? "The noise of King David's Triumph was heard throughout the land" (slightly paraphrased)
Re: Classics Section NEWS! *** Please Read ***

paul, thats me i have loud pipes
Re: Classics Section NEWS! *** Please Read ***

Must have been a popular bike as Moses road one too.
And Moses came down from the mount, and great was the roar from his Triumph
Re: Classics Section NEWS! *** Please Read ***

I must admit, some translations read 'Victory' instead of 'Triumph'...

(not that that's a BAD thing!)
Re: Classics Section NEWS! *** Please Read ***

I've always heard the only motorcycle in the Bible was a Triumph and the only car was a Honda. . . "They were all in one Accord." :y2:

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