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Re: Classics Section NEWS! *** Please Read ***

I've always heard the only motorcycle in the Bible was a Triumph and the only car was a Honda. . . "They were all in one Accord." :y2:
Re: Classics Section NEWS! *** Please Read ***

this is a good site i haven't HARLEY had better conservations anywhere !!!!!!!!!
Re: Classics Section NEWS! *** Please Read ***

Yep plenty of good torquers here
Hi guys I haven't been on here much of late but glad to see the new look forum it looks good and easy as to navigate. I went to a rally over the weekend and my 82 t140es won the best 80 t0 85 category so I picked up a trophy and a bag of goodies. Around 50 classics bikes and their riders attended. Such a wonderful sight to see all those british classics from a by gone era assembled. I will post a picture of my bike and trophy later on. My T140es is unrestored" also there was some strong competition in my category so I am extra chuffed. Stay safe everyone!
Keith from the land where the rugby world cup will spend the next four years. My commiserations to the Aussies but they give it there best shot!!
(Just had to have a brag ha)
Keith - Well done for the rally prize, its always nice to pick up an award.
Well done for the Kiwi's in the Rugby world cup, I don't think Australia ever thought they would get to the final so we can't be too disappointed. Unlike NZ, Rugby is not a religion or the first, second or even third ranked football in Aus and its seen as a bit of an odd sport played in poncy schools and really the only time we get excited at all is when we are winning, when we lose its quickly dropped from the sports coverage.
Well done, Keith!
Nice when your bike(s) get some recognition. Makes the hard work worthwhile.
I haven't been on here much recently & my 1970 Tiger TR6R has been "resting" for several months while & try to get my knee working properly again.
Yes an old motorcycle injury that has flared up after many years.
Look forward to rearing a few more restoration stories whether they be classic Triumph,BSA or Norton.
Keith, excellent you did good :y45:
Sad to report that the forum activity overall is on the decline, and it's existence going forward is somewhat in doubt. There was a pledge drive and it helped fund the upgrades, but there is still regular long-term maintenance that must receive regular funding.

Personally, I have not taken in any new client work in over a year, just delivered my last client project a month ago, sold all of my basket cases & project bikes, and am actively selling off the bulk of my collection without doing any more repairs to them. So, there will likely be no more project/build threads from me, apart from possibly make-run threads on a few of the bikes I will be selling (I only have a handful of Triumphs left, and only 1 or 2 will get any make-run work, if at all).

I've really appreciated the hard work of Dave, Rocky, and other mods & admin, especially behind the scenes, as well as the contributions of all you "Classics section" members. We'll keep on with day-to-day tech questions as long as possible.

I will continue on a few other forums and facebook groups, but I've been tapering off on those venues as well.
Your efforts here are very much appreciated TUP TUP
Thanks Paul and your contribution to this classic section really is of great value to all of us, even if it just continues as helping out other members with questions they might have on their classics.
Thank YOU gentlemen.

I'll still be here.
Glad to have you GP!
glad you came along for the ride and added so much to the forum im sure there's plenty of forum members out there who were very glad of your help ! TUPTUP
I just wanted to add that the world is a messed up place at the minute and i think most people dont have the time or energy to do much in the way of hobbys or are inclined to post much on hobby forums , and its not just here im a member of quite a few and they all seem to be suffering at the minute so its not just here !!
I just wanted to add that the world is a messed up place at the minute and i think most people dont have the time or energy to do much in the way of hobbys or are inclined to post much on hobby forums , and its not just here im a member of quite a few and they all seem to be suffering at the minute so its not just here !!
Too true.

I've been off political talk on all forums except my personal facebook page. 100% off all of it on any and all motorcycle forums.
I know what you mean !!.... i cant be bothered with it all FACE and it is probably not the atutude to have but it just bores the hell out of me now SIGH
To anyone who hasn't "met" me yet (on-line), I'm the new moderator of the Triumph Classics section of TriumphTalk.

The forum has recently undergone another transformation, this one fairly comprehensive, and new moderators are being introduced in many sections. There are lots of new/different features that will take some getting used to (as usual on any forum), so hang in there and let's work together to make this place one of the better online resources for Classic Triumph motorcycles. Note that out Wiki Site is already growing and feel free to get involved there as well.

While there are relatively few members on this forum that own and/or enjoy the Classics, there are still enough of us to grow this place, if we all contribute on a regular basis. Some people are shy, many don't think thier tinkering or rides interest anyone else, and some just don't have the time to spend typing out their project narratives and uploading photos. In ALL of those cases, I say, WHEN YOU HAVE A LITTLE TIME, go ahead and just do it! Believe me, if NOBODY ELSE is interested in how you changed your rear sprocket, I AM! I learn something new nearly every time I read people's project threads, and I get to see new sights and hear of new destinations whenever people tell thier stories. Don't be shy about being long-winded either, if people think your story is too long, they can just click over to another thread, no offense!

So, jump in and lets get our winter projects (or summer rides for you downunder) out there for folks to see!

I'm new to this thread/site. Rebuilding a 77 bonneville. manual and other lit. says large spacer on right,carb on left. Is it as rider sees it or from front. was told grandpaul would know for sure.
Welcome to the forum!

Right and left as sitting on the bike.

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