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Right. If you buy something and like it, why not maintain it, updating if necessary, and keep it. The "throw away" consumerist mentality leads to ever more short lifespan products. Think "Harbor Freight" tools= good for a few uses, then throw away for a new one. Granted, any producer needs sales to stay alive, but consider this; I have 5 Norton Commandos. They went out of business in 1977/78. BUT.... parts availability is better NOW than it was in their prime! And MUCH better quality. Same with Meriden Triumph, (to a lesser degree). Because people are still riding them! I don't want a plastic motorcycle, (or car, for that matter) that will end up in the trash in a few years because simple replacement/service parts are NLA. Protest if you will, but that is one reason H-D fans are so loyal- parts availability. Buy one-you'll pay $$$$, but you can ride it for decades because you can get what you need to keep it running. 50 year old Shovelhead? No problem! I hope the current Triumph products DO have a long service life, but the dealers don't give a damn about that, (parts/service), they just want you to buy a new one so they make a quick buck now. Like buying a Japan bike= in a year it's passe, there are ZERO parts available and most Japan bike dealers won't even work on 'em if they are more than 5 years old. "Just buy a new one" they say. (I know because I've worked in a bunch of them)
You are so right. It's unreal how nobody seems to care about quality anymore. They just want you to buy a new ones. But If you're like we are, you like what you already have. Like most of use do. Then, they should keep making parts. That's one of the reasons that I bought this Triumph. To be honest though, I went down to ride and buy an Indian Scout Bobber. But, after riding the Triumph, I was in love with the bike right off. My back didn't hurt while riding it or afterwards, then with all of the safety features. Plus, how reliable they are now and well built. I figure there will be parts around for a long time. I just don't like paying those really high prices, that all dealers ask for. It's not just Triumph either. The thing that aggravates me, is when they say that they have to order something from England and that it will be three weeks to get it. If I look online, I can usually find it. Like I did on eBay. Plus, the great price for both of those OEM engine side covers. Triumph probably would have charged more like a grand, for all that stuff. Anyway, I agree with you and what you're saying.

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