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Today, 15:08
Oct 12, 2021
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67 T120
Back in April I mentioned I had fitted a brand new set of chrome header pipes on my 67 Bonneville that I had treated internally with the Eastwood Ceramic heat spray. After many 1000,s of klm since then I can now report it absolutely does work. There is a very slight yellowing for the first few inches but this is hardly noticeable even after occasional hard riding.
The discolouration is so slight I haven't bothered polishing it out so as to save the chrome for as long as possible. On this point does anyone know if the LF Harris pipes are better quality than the presumably Emgo ones I have? Anyway, if like me you prefer not to have Blue pipes then I can certainly recommend the Eastman Ceramic spray.
My little Bonnie has had plenty of use with no issues to report so all very boring from a Forum point of view. Doesn't even leak oil. Very happy with the new Amal Monoblocs I fitted back in April. They run really well and look great. I did fit old original float covers so it's almost impossible to see they are not original 60's carbies. Do they use more fuel than Concentrics? I haven't noticed any difference as I still get 220 klm plus before reserve from the original teeny tiny tank. Nearly forgot, I bought a new Halogen front headlight bulb which is a direct swap for the original. Huge improvement and my charging system is coping fine with it. Can tell from the ammeter it does take a lot more power. Although not a legal requirement here I do use the headlight during the day for safety reasons so it's had plenty of testing with no issues. Thats all for now. Cheers.

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