Fairing Mod Coming Soon!

Size comparison old and new reservoir.
New should clear everything. Now just one part left to arrive and fit, the instrumentation bracket that also relocates the ignition.
I think I’m going to change the brake fluid before going out (in a couple of months! LoL.). I might need to take a closer look at the pads as well.
Took the gauges off. Should be receiving the new bracket soon. Any tips on what is gentle to was the rubber gaskets around the gauges. I have Dawn dishwashing liquid, that might be the gentlest I have without going to the store.
Cleaning stuff in advance.
So the last part came and I’m test fitting. Had to adjust the brake levers a bit, but turning the handle bar end to end looks like I have clearance.
The bracket.
I have about 2mm clearance as the reservoir passes under the frame. I’m thinking that is acceptable.
Full turn.
Roughly how it looks from the rider perspective.
So now I have to fit gauges and see how it works.
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A bit of an angle view.
Starting to look right.
Looking great! May even have it all done before your surgery.
Mostly anyway. I’ll do any brake work and clutch check adjustments after I’m more able. It should be working in a few days. Have a pre-operation meet at the hospital Wednesday. I’m trying to have all my miscellaneous items done by then.
Decided to do a final check with the gauges in place. About a 2mm clear on frame just like the reservoir.
Side angle view.
Cockpit view. The bottom covers are not in place, but don’t expect it to be very close with the headlight. Time to figure out how to assemble this.
This is some tight engineering. LoL.
Need to do routine adjustments and checks before it can it the road, but the Thruxton is more ready than I am. Still need to tighten the plastic windscreen and put a gasket between it. All in all a hour or so job if I drag it out. Checked the wiring and started up!FB1BEA57-34CC-4787-9ABB-67A69D64BED7.jpeg
System on and started!
Love the key at the center of the console!
Plenty of clearance. Did hear some plastic wiring clip catching. Not going to do anything about it today. That’s detailing work.
Everything else is minor adjustments.
I’d go take better pictures, but I’m not in condition to move the motorcycle even outside. So just going to let it cool down and concentrate on getting better myself.
Clearances at turn.
It clears. LoL.
Well I’m happy with the look for now.
Wow! That is a huge vise down by front wheel. Can you lift it?
What make is the vise? Probably about 100 years old?
What make is the vise? Probably about 100 years old?
It’s at least 40 years old, that’s when I bought it. I think it’s an old Chinese manufacture. I have not looked in a long time who actually manufactured it. There was a store that sold tools from the eastern countries like China and they were super cheap, but built like tanks. I suspect copies of US or some other country’s manufacture. It is heavy.
It is heavy.
Oh, I know it is! Before retiring from the Bell System, I recovered an old vise, from a collapsing work bench that had been in the rain too many years. It was a Starrett made vise, known for precision hand tools, but they sold off the vise division about 1932 (or thereabouts). The jaw still opened and closed, so I decided to clean all the rust off, repaint in "close" to original colors, and re-lube everything before re-assembling. Turned out NICE, and it stayed with the group that serviced our buildings. It was their's, but I was tempted, though my single car garage really didn't have a place for it. According to an email exchange with Starrett, it was made between 1900-1917.
Expect you're busy polishing the fairing

Just seen this pic on the forum, got a polished tail.
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(Sorry, haven't worked out how to do @member.)

Not sure about the exhausts, getting side panels off would be a palaver. Must be a lot of inner-thigh warming going on. Still, one must suffer for beauty; they do follow line of bike nicely.

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