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May 13, 2023
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G'day guys and gals,
I'm a middle aged rider who, after a 4 year battle with cancer (and beat it yay me !) am returning to the fold with my '98 Triumph Sprint 900 Sport. It needs some freshening up and the first thing I have to find is a Sprint 900 or preferably a Trident 900 fuel tank. I am opting I hope for the Trident version because I believe it to be interchangeable and I like the tank graphics better, it looks a little more "classic".
Prior to my years long battle with cancer I had probably logged over a million miles on bikes across 3 continents. My longest road trip lasted 2 years, just me, a tent, sleeping bag, some tools and cooking utensils ... on my bike and 45,000 miles across and around the Australian outback.

Does anyone have any advice on locating such a fuel tank ? All the ones (about 4 of 'em only) that I found on eBay were north of $450 ! I feel that's too high, or is it about what I'd pay anywhere ? Tank must be NOT LEAKING and in good shape, no dents and reasonably good paint.

Keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up !

Be seein' ya,
That‘s a good battle to win!! Congrats!! May I ask whet is wrong with the original tank?
It's rotted out along the bottom weld seam. I thought about the tank liner kit idea (done it before) but this is pretty bad corrosion. Want to go for a Trident tank because they are interchangeable and the Trident has that nice old timey graphic panel.

Too bad. I’ve cleaned tanks and did the liner with great results. Good luck in your search.
Too bad. I’ve cleaned tanks and did the liner with great results. Good luck in your search.
Oh me too. I just don't think it'll cover this one, I did a tank liner job on it 5 years ago but I don't feel like it'll work this time around. If I can find a non rotted Trident tank for like twice the money of the kit (which is $75) then I'll be happy.

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