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Hi! I'm "Grand"Paul, from Laredo, Texas. I've been riding for about 37 years and I've owned over 130 bikes in that time. By trade, I restore classic & vintage motorcycles; so, you might say I'm "Living My Dream" (although it isn't getting me rich!)

I'm happily married for over 25 years, 4 kids, and 4 grandkids (that's what the "grand" in my username is for). My wyfe, both my sons, and my son-in-law, all ride bikes as well. We also like camping, fishing and skiing (water & snow).

My current collection of over 50 bikes (I lose count) includes 19 Triumphs, 18 of which are pre-1983 Classics, 15 of which are Triumph "Big Twins". I guess you can say that's why I fit in pretty well in the Triumph Classics section...

Of course I do all my own work except painting, powdercoat, chrome and machine work. I've restored dozens of bikes, built several custom bikes, and am currently producing custom monoshock classic Norton Commandos with modern suspension and trick bodywork.

I raced a season and a half in vintage roadracing on a '69 Triumph Bonneville that I built from scratch, finishing 5th out of 20 riders in my rookie year; I also set a class speed record at Bonneville on the same bike!

There's too much to tell, but that gives you an idea about me and my bikes.
Re: Introductions and about our Classic bikes

Just goes to show that some of us do really live bikes. I can just imagine what a thrill it must be for you each day being able to work on these old bike. Love watching one of your old wrecks go from wreck to show bike this transformation astounds me every time.
Thanx Dave, but you didn't do your INTRO!!!!
:y23: I don't have one I am just the forum mechanic so to speak, fixing all the working of it and keeping it running
I created this new "sticky" topic for everyone to post pix of your classic bikes. DOESN'T HAVE TO BE TRIUMPH, just a "classic", maybe 1985 and older (25 years).

Hey, if it's really cool, it can be "a bit" newer, but let's try to stick to the classics.
I've owned a lot of classic bikes in the past, I've still got about half of them in my collection.

Since this IS a Triumph forum, I'll start with the Triumphs, oldest to newest-

1956 Triumph 650 ThunderBird - Not yet running, but I've installed Triumph forks on it and cleaned it up quite a bit. It's got good compression, and should run without too much drama. I'm thinking of just cleaning it up to a point where it's rideable and able to pass inspection, then using it just as a "Rat" bike

1963 Triumph 650 Street Tracker - Rolling project with 70s wheels & forks, and Storz Performance bodywork. I've got everything needed to finish the engine except TIME!

1966 Triumph T120R Bonneville 650 - Mostly original and unrestored, excellent regular rider
1967 Triumph T120R Bonneville 650 - My first restoration, took a total of 7 years. Still one of my very favorite bikes of all time, and it gets regular use around town, especially shows & parades

1969 Triumph T120R Bonneville 650 - lightly modified with alloy wheels, Joe Hunt magneto ignition, Magura levers, and fat tires. Guaranteed one-kick starting!

1969 Bonny 650 AHRMA Vintage Roadracer - I built this bike from scratch, then finished 5th out of 20 riders after oly running a partial season, against DOHC Honda 750s and Triumph Tridents. Not bad for a rookie (the bike was flawless except for dropping a muffler 2 laps from the end of the final race of the season (didn't affect the points). I also set a class record on the Bonneville Salt Flats with it; pretty danged cool, the most fun I've ever had in my life...
Yep, still more Bonnevilles (my favorite bike of all time)

1970 T120R Bonneville 650 with TR6C scrambler exhaust system. The bike is a good runner, but I've never got it titled, so it's just for fun.

1979 T140D Bonneville 750 Special - Totally original except period replacement muffler (stock 2-into-1 header on this model). Runs great and is a real "looker"

1983 T140W Bonneville 750 TSS "Electro" - The final bike ever produced at the Meriden factory before the shut-down; also the only 8-valve and triple-disc-brake model ever built at that factory. Runs perfectly and the e-start is a real treat.
I'll round out the Triumphs with a couple of my Tridents-

1974 T150 Trident 750 triple - totally original and unrestored. Hasn't run in a while, but will do so if I charge the battery and flush the carbs out with fresh fuel. This is one of the most original bikes I own; the howl from the pipes when the bike comes on the power band will stand the hair up on the back of your neck.

1975 T150V Trident 750 5-speed e-start - Unrestored except for a paint job. Great running bike, but it almost killed me the first time I rode it. Almost had it up to 100 and it ent into the most violent "tank slapper" I've ever experienced in 30+ years of riding. Turned out the rear spokes were loose.
Wow!.....That's a pretty tough act to follow..... :hu:

I have only two bikes that qualify as classics:

1969 Tiger 650 TR6R





1972 T-120 Bonneville Chopper



Re: TriumphTalk Member's Classic Bike photos

Lovely bikes :y115: :y115: :y18:
AJ, what's the story on the chopper? Did you ever get it street legal? Your TR6 is VERY spiffy. have you entered them in any bike shows yet?
Re: TriumphTalk Member's Classic Bike photos

Here is my 79 T140E, it was built at the time the T140V was replaced with the T140E.
It has a mixture of parts from the two models. The frame and engine are matching numbers T140E, but the head, airbox, carbs, headlight brackets, and clocks are all T140V!
This makes life very interesting when ordering parts, but I still love this bike!



[quote author=The Seeker link=topic=8660.msg43939#msg43939 date=1261545257]
Wow!.....That's a pretty tough act to follow..... :hu:

I have only two bikes that qualify as classics:

1969 Tiger 650 TR6R


Yes, the chopper has been street legal in PA since the day I finished it. It's got a valid PA title, inspection sticker, and PA tag.

I've not entered either one in any shows although the TR6 was shown a few times in it's past.

Insuring so many vehicles (multiple cars, trucks, trailers) eventually took it's toll, so I don't have full insurance on these two bikes.

I would like to switch the chopper to a sprung saddle, but I need to locate some type of way to mount the springs to the frame without any drilling holes. Then I'll need to figure a way to make a cover over the electrics that will be exposed....just so it looks nice.
Gump - that right there is a CLASSIC.

They didn't improve much AT ALL from that point. Even the 8-valve TSS isn't as robust if thrashed, and the dual front discs DON'T provide twice the braking!
Re: TriumphTalk Member's Classic Bike photos

Beautiful bikes!!!
Re: TriumphTalk Member's Classic Bike photos

1968 TR6R as it looked when I bought it

1968 TR6R restored by GrandPaul






1973 TR6R Tiger OIF
I will build this one as a TR6C and a daily rider since the numbers don't match. Slowly I am accumulating the parts.

Here are a few of my Nortons.

Starting off with the centerpiece of my collection - '75 Norton 850 Commando Mark III custom built monoshock special. Some of the main parts including the tight tuck exhaust, Blue bodywork, monoshock swingarm, big bearing tranny cradle, and carbon fiber primary chaincase are the original "New Norton 952" prototype parts that were on the first show bike built when the bike was announced. The FCR flat slide carbs, Clubman rearset footpegs and ZX6 inverted forks round out the "Sprint Special". I have all the parts, but no time, to build the 880 Special engine.



I retained the right-foot shift / left-foot brake setup because I wanted it to represent true classic Brit Iron.

This bike has launched a bit of a niche markt for me. I'm building a similar bike for a client, and another to sell. Even better news: Kenny Dreer has dug up the ORIGINAL #1 set of Acerbis bodywork they had specially made for the new 961, exactly as you see on all the new Nortons, along with a bunch more stuff (pretty much everything but the top end of the engine and a set of pipes) to build another monoshock special; I've made the deal to buy it next year.

So, if you want a fairly rare bit of Norton history, I can build you just the bike!

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