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Today, 22:50
Jun 24, 2022
My Ride
Soooo, the new arrival is home

So as with any 150+ mile ride with a vintage triumph, it's trailer ride home didn't go without incident........

Due to some horrific craters in the M6 it bounced the ratchet strap end off the hook!! Fortunately, this wasn't a section of "smart" (read feckin dangerous) motorway, so a quick visit to the hard shoulder and restrapped down nice and tight. Now bear in mind am using the 4 point method of tying down that has never failed me before...... A bit further along the M6, another series of craters and the bike is on the move again!! and then it did it again and this time was nearly right over.... We had strapped it down on the side stand the last time, and this time the braket snapped off the frame!!

We finally got off the motorway and no more incidents and arrived at destination with no further damage

So once off the trailer and indoors, block of wood to prop it up, it was time to see what was what. It was sold as no spark, and there was no battery under the seat. There was a reg/rec sat under there tho, so guessed this would be 12V. Cobbled a battery on and lights all light up, crank her over on the pedal with plugs out and big fat healthy spark.
Reckon make some new battery leads up ( the old ones are missing), fit a battery and she will be away...... May find out this afternoon
Nearly there but not quite.
Will have carb off again tomorrow and try again.....
Had a couple of hurrumphs out of her and a kick back but nothing more.
Couldn't see the pilot set up, but main was blocked, now I have researched the pilot system, will give it a clean and blow throu and try again.
Not a lot has happened since it's first fire up. Still consistently starting 2nd kick. Rode it round the yard yesterday, everything seems ok except front brake is non existant. Front end has a twist in it as well, should be easy enough to sort though.

Paperwork all now filled in, just got to post it off with a cheque for the registration. Now rush at moment, with postal strikes and Christmas, might as well wait til the new year....

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