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I like the look of this one and it is expensive but seeing what it has to offer I can see why. Don't think I would be in the market for one right now but if I were to be doing a lot of long distance riding it would be on top of my list. I am glad to see the blue is a deeper blue than some of the others I have seen it is nice
Looks= good bike? Don't think so. I have heard many negative "looks" based comments on my Girlie. But frankly looks aside it is the best bike I've ridden in 33 years of riding. And thats all that matters to me, how it rides, and how well it works....looks? It LOOKS like a bike. :y2:
Honestly at the price, I don't know that I would ever afford one. And techno speaking I never have cared for shaft drive on a bike. Owned a couple over the years, for a short time, and wasn't impressed. Like a big honking old school chain.
Just another option, and people like options.
I love everything about it!

Then again, sport-touring is my thing too.

I just hope they took the old Trophy's saddle problems into consideration and gave this one a comfy seat. I also hope the riding position is upright like a BMW (have a feeling it is).

It's more money than I anticipated, but I've been waiting so doesn't matter...I'm buying one!!!

PS:it says only the SE model will be sold in the US but I don't know what the difference is???

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[h=3]TRIUMPH 1200 TROPHY/SE in italics[/h]Engine and transmission
Engine: 1,215cc, three-cylinder four stroke. 12 valves, DOHC
Bore x stroke: 85 x 71.4mm
Fuelling: Ride-by-wire fuel injection
Exhaust: Stainless steel 3-1
Final drive: Shaft drive
Clutch: Wet multi-plate
Gearbox: Constant mesh six-speed
Oil capacity: Four litres
Frame: Twin-spar aluminium beam
Swingarm: Single-sided cast aluminium with shaft drive
Front wheel: Cast aluminium five-spoke 17 x 3.5in
Rear wheel: Cast aluminium five-spoke 17 x 6.0in
Front tyre: 120/70 ZR17
Rear tyre: 190/55 ZR17
Front forks: WP USD with 130mm of travel and manually adjustable rebound damping. WP USD forks with 127mm of travel and electronically adjustable rebound damping sport/normal/comfort
Rear suspension: WP monoshock with remote oil reservoir, manually adjustable hydraulic preload, manually adjustable rebound damping and 120mm of travel. WP monoshock with remote oil reservoir, electronically adjustable hydraulic preload (1up, 1up+luggage, 2up) electronically adjustable rebound damping (sport, normal, comfort) 120mm of travel
Front brake: Twin 320mm rotors, twin Nissin four-piston calipers. Linked system - Rear brake pedal partially applies front brakes. Non-switchable ABS. Nissin 14mm master cylinder
Rear brake: Single 282mm disc, Nissin sliding twin-piston caliper. Non-switchable ABS
Instrument display: Analogue speedometer and tachometer with multi-function LCD display with ambient light-level compensation. LCD display is for trip info (x2) gear position, fuel gauge, distance to empty, service indicator, clock, ambient temp, frost warning and heated grips/seats display. Dash also features headlight adjustment, hazard warning button, cruise control function. TPMS status, TES status, audio functions

Read more:
So the SE model has an electronically (instead of manual) adjustable suspension. I can certainly live with that!

I was afraid it was a LESSER package for the USA.
Looks= good bike? Don't think so. I have heard many negative "looks" based comments on my Girlie. But frankly looks aside it is the best bike I've ridden in 33 years of riding. And thats all that matters to me, how it rides, and how well it works....looks? It LOOKS like a bike. :y2:

I agree.

But I also think the new Trophy will look WAY better in person than it does in photos too.

I think Triumph decided that if they are going to build something, it's now going to be world-class. They don't just want to be like the others, but be better.....much like the new Tiger 800.

They know what the competition has to offer and they are taking them head-on. I believe this new Trophy will be as good if not better than the BMW, Concours, Yamaha, or Honda STs.
Here's the full specs.......SE only stuff is in gray/silver print:

I like the look of this - but the 300kg was surprising.
So once again everyone is saying it looks like a BMW but I think it looks more like the Yamaha.

2012-yamaha-fjr-1300-a-wallpaper 5.jpg


Not similar at all, the Yamaha and BMW are going in a totally different direction.
Well as I said if I was going to compare I would had put it closer to the Yamaha than a BMW like the rest of the world is doing :y2: I suppose you could find some similarity in most bikes of the same style really just how different does it have to be to be different
Not trying to be a wanker or anything........however, lest we forget, when a company designs a bike for a particular "segment" it seems they all use many of the exact same styling cues........making the bike immediately recognizable in its particular "niche" market and to its potential buyer. case in point a few examples of other brands sport tourers .....I am certain you all will see the visual BMW and Triumph seem to have beat others to the punch of "new design" it will be interesting to see how closely the 2013 and 14 Yamaha, Honda etc. design follows, especially if Triumph and BMW sales are strong :y2:
19845_0_1_2_st 4 s_Image by Ducati. Published with permission..jpgimages-1.jpegimages-3.jpegimages-2.jpegimages.jpeg
Well this is the thing they are making a bike to fit market A so it need to look and feel like market A would be expecting it to be. So there is no getting away from it looking similar to other models in market A but making it far better is the key factor here and I think Triumph has a great track record of doing just this
Seeker, I wish you luck in getting one. Hope it works out for you, it does look like a great bike.:y2: is more expensive than I had anticipated.

I also hate the nearest dealership.

I wonder if any will want take my old Trophy in on trade too? I really hate the idea of selling it myself.

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I am sure they would take it in as a trade maybe try and see if you could find another dealer as well if you don't like your one
I've had a couple of days to consider this new model and these are my thoughts so far:
  1. We were expecting it to be big, heavy, well equipped and expensive- it is.
  2. I was expecting it to have an uprated engine to challenge the BMW 1300GT & Kawasaki Concours- it hasn't.
  3. I quite like the looks and I'm sure it's got first class weather protection and will be a fine, comfortable, long-distance tourer.
  4. In some quarters folks are referring to it as a sports tourer- rubbish! It's a tourer. If you want a sports tourer ride a VFR1200- it's sensationally good in my judgement.
  5. In this country I estimate that the basic Trophy will list at just under ZAR200k. That is a lot of dough. The 1200 Adventure is lighter than the Trophy, cheaper, is already proving itself as a capable tourer and, with an experienced rider, has pretty good off-road ability too.
This Trophy has little appeal to me personally. Although I do a fair amount of touring I never put in the really long day hauls, so my Tiger 1050 is more than comfortable enough and up to the task for what I want.
i havn't commented on this thread up to now becouse its way out of my reach, but from what i can see i think it will slot right in to the heavy full tourer market quit well .
this end of the market is not a huge selling area of bikes, but i think the trophy will hold its own !
im not to hot on the front end of the bike but i like the look of the bike in general , but i was hoping to see a little more of the old trophy in it , but things move on .
Yeah Dave I must agree with you for us this side I think the 1200 Adventure would be a better buy. We don't really have such great distances between our destination and the roads are not the best so the 1200 Adventure would do a better job overall this side in my opinion. Besides that the cost of one of these bikes would be far more than I would ever consider paying for a bike.
I like the looks of it better than I like the BMW. To me, it is on par with the Yamaha. I really don't like the looks of tourers and sports tourers. My long distance ridings has been solo and I can do that easily on my XC as well as my T100 (with less comfort on the T100). However, I also like functionality over form and I now have a partner than can do distance riding two up. There may be a Trophy in my future in a couple of years when Mabel retires.

The Trophy is pricey; but so is the BMW and and similar touring bikes.

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