Obtaining a LEGAL Vermont registration for an untitled bike


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There has been a lot of discussion on this topic, and nobody has spelled it out, so I thought I might do so.

I have registered at least 8 bikes through Vermont, COMPLETELY LEGALLY.


You must have a valid Bill Of Sale to start with, and it MUST include: Date of sale, Seller's name and address, bike's serial number, bike year, make, model & displacement, amount paid, and odometer reading. Or, use the VT form.

I have also used TWO Bills of Sale, one for the frame, and one for the engine, in the case of a Triton.

VT registration application - http://dmv.vermont.gov/sites/dmv/files/documents/VD-119-Vehicle_Reg_Tax_Title_App.pdf
Instructions - http://dmv.vermont.gov/sites/dmv/files/documents/VD-119i-Registration_App_Instructions.pdf
Bill Of Sale - http://dmv.vermont.gov/sites/dmv/files/documents/VT-005-Bill_Of_Sale_Odometer_Cert_0.pdf

Take a clear photo of the bike from the side, as close as you can to get the whole bike in the shot, and rotate the camera frame horizontal so there's not a lot of background above or below. USE THE "BEFORE" PHOTO(S) IF BASKET CASE!

Go to NADA website, select the year & model, find the bike's value, and print out the sheet - Research New Motorcycles Prices & Powersports

I have at times included a detailed statement challenging the NADA value, based on the fact that certain bikes were obtained as rough basket cases or incomplete, rusty rollers. I was successful by simply extrapolating the lower value based on NADA's values for "Average", Good", and "Excellent", and keeping that number reasonably close to the lowest NADA price if there was a big gap from purchase price to NADA value.

Take the bike to whichever of these will perform the VIN check and sign the VT form, and can provide you with the inspector's statement on their letterhead - state vehicle safety inspection station, police department, highway patrol station, DMV, County Tax Assessor's office, etc.

I have a local State vehicle inspection station that has done dozens of inspections for me over the years; I provide their "letterhead" that I made myself with their shop's logo and address info at the top, a single-sentence statement, and a signature line. Took me 5 minutes to produce with MS Word.

Calculate the tax, add it to the registration fee, and include that amount in a check or money order with the forms, photo, and print-outs, and mail it off WITH CORRECT POSTAGE!


In about 2 weeks, you get the registration receipt, sometimes same time you get the plate. In a couple more days you get the registration card and a little sticker to put on the plate (not sure why they don't send the whole mess at once, they just don't)

Never worry about buying an untitled motorcycle again, as long as you know the seller is legit, and you can come back to him in a pinch. I've found life is easier if I simply never worry.
Once again, I'm legal...

Can the title process you described was excellent. Can I accomplish this if I live in New Mexico or do I have to be a vermontonian?

Can the title process you described was excellent. Can I accomplish this if I live in New Mexico or do I have to be a vermontonian?
Anywhere in the U.S.

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