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Surak the Dog: What Is This Thing on My Face?

Humans assume that a sense of smell is the most important perception for a dog. But riding behind my chauffeur, all I can smell is riding gear that hasn’t been washed in days. With this sense compromised, and since licking the air not helping, being able to see through the swarming bugs and pelting rain is paramount, which I guess is why my chauffeur decided to get me “Rex Specs”.

At first fitting I wondered why goggles were suddenly clipped to my face. I didn’t like it. Yes, they’re comfortable—the soft plastic contoured well to my svelte snoot—but I still tried to claw them off. Wouldn’t you? When I realized this was futile, and resigned to not clawing, we went for a ride. And then it finally made sense. No longer did I squint as we rode at eye-watering speeds. I could comfortably rest my snoot on my chauffeur’s shoulder and gaze ahead unphased as dust billowed around. I could finally start focusing on the fundamentals, like looking through turns.

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Speaking of dust, Rex Specs get dirty quickly—about as quickly as your visor. And while you may power through that dusty haze, I’d appreciate it if you cleaned my goggles at least more often than you wash your riding pants. Or we can compromise if you would just race past everyone else, we wouldn’t be eating as much dust, and you wouldn’t need to clean them as often. That said, the first thing you need to do when I dismount is to take these things off my head, or so help me I’ll try to take them off myself when you’re not looking, even though I can’t. And after that happens enough times (translator’s note: 3–4 months of constant use), you should just change lenses. I’m tired of the clear lenses anyway.

The tinted lenses help when we’re traversing the Mojave, or when you think we can outrace a snowstorm but fail and everything is blindingly white. But since you can’t seem to find a good nesting site before nightfall, I can’t see quite as well when we’re winding our way through the darkness.

And lastly, after you’re done scratching your own head when you ditch your helmet, I would appreciate some snoot-scratches too, because I’ve also been wearing these things all day, been leaning with all the turns, and I’ve been a good boy.

Translator’s note: Rex Specs are excellent and most importantly functional, unlike the majority of novelty goggles available. The foam is finally starting to lose its spring—but that’s after four years and 50,000 miles of use, they’ve more than held their worth. Surak took to them fairly quickly, and Rex Specs provides helpful training tips. We have the original version of the goggles—V2 is now available.

MSRP for the V2: $84.95

Where to Buy:

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  • Excellent fitment and breathability
  • Fully functional protection
  • Easily serviceable with interchangeable lenses that are inexpensive


  • Expensive initial purchase
  • Some training will be required
  • Elastic straps wore out quicker than expected and aren’t sold separately

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