South Africa Triumph Prices Tumble As Old Importer Bows Out


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Well looking at these prices it seems now would be a good time to purchase a new Triumph my side. However there is always the question what if the new structure does not fall into place our side then you left high and dry.

Source - SA Triumph prices tumble as old importer bows out | IOL Motoring
Triumph UK and Triumph South Africa have parted ways, and the British motorcycles will no longer be imported by Kawasaki Motorcycles SA (KMSA).

Triumph UK is in the process of appointing a new SA importer within the next six months or so, during which time KMSA will continue to support the brand with spares, accessories and warranties.

Arnold Olivier, Brand Director of Triumph South Africa, says the split occurred over Triumph UK’s new retail concept that calls for single, larger dealerships in cities rather than the present model of using a number of smaller dealers. The alternative of upgrading the existing smaller stores would have required a very high financial investment, and the new distributor will clearly need to have deep pockets to meet Triumph UK’s new customer-interface model.

KMSA has been SA’s Triumph distributor for 22 years and is the world’s third largest independent Triumph importer. The 115-year old brand has a strong following in this country with around 4 500 Triumphs on our roads. The Triumph Thruxton R is also South Africa’s reigning Pirelli Bike of the Year as voted for by a panel of motorcycle journalists.

Triumph Motorcycles Ltd is the largest British motorcycle manufacturer, established in 1984 by John Bloor after the original company Triumph Engineering went into receivership. The new company continued Triumph's record of motorcycle production since 1902.

If you’re looking for a biking bargain, now would be a good time to buy a Triumph as KMSA is selling off existing stock at drastically reduced prices.

Here is the new pricelist, with the old prices on the right:

MODEL New Price Old Price
BONNEVILLE R64 000 R97 500
BONNEVILLE T100 & T100 BLACK R79 000 R134 500
BONNEVILLE T120 R109 000 R147 500
DAYTONA 675 R125 000 R154 500
SPEED TRIPLE S R130 000 R165 500
SPEED TRIPLE R R119 000 R149 500
SPEED TRIPLE '94 R109 000 R139 500
STREET CUP R79 000 R134 500
STREET SCRAMBLER R109 000 R139 500
STREET TRIPLE 675 R90 000 R119 500
STREET TWIN R69 000 R124 500
THRUXTON 1200 R109 000 R149 500
THRUXTON 1200 R R129 000 R174 500
THRUXTON EFI R69 000 R109 500
TIGER 1200 EXPLORER XCA R159 000 R224 500
TIGER 1200 EXPLORER XCX R139 000 R199 500
TIGER 1200 EXPLORER XRT R149 000 R214 500
TIGER 800 XCX R119 000 R159 500
TIGER 800 XCX LOW R119 000 R159 500
TIGER 800 XRX LOW R99 000 R144 500
IOL Motoring
Makes you wonder what Triumph are doing, not everyone can follow their business ethos. They must look after the small guys as well.
Sometimes i wonder about the Triumph co. seems they make alot of business mistakes to me, but then again their business is a tad more successful than mine.
Well I must admit if I were in the market for a bike right now and was looking into the higher price brackets I would end up owning a Honda.

Even the thought of not having a dealer in my city sort of puts me off let alone none in the country.
I was told by a bike dealer i bought my gsx 1400 from that he had looked in to Triumph's and wanted to become a dealer for them , he said in short that it wasn't going to cost thousands to upgrade the store for triumph but hundreds of thousands !! ... and that they said he was to small anyway !! and he has 4 showroom and has over 70 bikes in stock .
I fear Triumph are getting to full of them selfs and are walking a very thin line , i hate to say it but i wouldn't buy a new triumph now there getting very expensive and and a bit up them selves !
It is sad to see the line they now starting to take with their products as they really do have a good collection of bikes available.
I'm sure (hoping) that Triumph knows what they're doing, but sometimes you have to wonder because some things just don't make sense as an outside observer.

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