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Oct 5, 2018
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2018 Triumph Bobber
I bought my 2018 Bobber from Spirit Motorcycles in San Jose, CA. When they were selling Triumphs out of their Indian store, before they opened their new Triumph store. They really over charged me, for my new 2018 Triumph Bobber. I have to take pain meds and sometimes I'm not as sharp as I should have been and they took full advantage of me. By over charging me for a new 2018 Bobber. I also wanted to finance my bike through my credit union too. But the owner who's name is Martin, said that they could not do that. Which was just one of many lies that came from Spirit Motorcycle. The other was my free 500 mile maintenance. That they wanted to charge me 375.00 for. Even though I brought my own Amsoil Metric 10-40 full synthetic motor oil, that's made for the water-cooled bikes like BMW, Can AM, and the new Triumph water-cooled engines also. Along with my own new Amsoil oil filter too. I told them that Martin said, that it was supposed to be free, but come to find out, it wasn't. So, since I live in the central valley near Modesto, Ca. I found out that Modesto has a BMW, Can-Am and Triumph dealer. They did my 500 mile service for 153.00$ instead of 375.00$. Then Spirit, called me up the about a week ago and ask me how did I like my new Triumph Bobber? I told them I loved the bike. But I didn't like what the owner charged me for it. He ask me what Martin charged me for it and when I told him. He said, oh man, and if there was anything, that he could do for me, to make it better? I said yes give me some forward controls, and some higher handle bars and throw in some crash bars also. The Spirit guy said that, he'd get back to me. But, I doubt, that I'll ever hear from him again. I'm not going to say what I paid for my new 2018 Bobber? Because, I'm kind of embarrassed, that I let some sells man get the best of me, on this buy at my age too. But, the good thing about the whole thing is, that I really do love this bike a lot and I wouldn't take anything for it either now. Since I put the very first miles on her and took my time on breaking her in, very gently. So that I would have a nice tight motor. Plus, my Triumph blows my friends Honda Valkyrie away. My buddy was telling me, that the last time that we rode together, he was having a hard time keeping up with me, now that I have 3,000 miles on her. She loves to cruse all day, at between 60 and 70 miles an hour and she handles really handles great also. Anyway, I highly recommend Cycle Specialties in Modesto, for parts, labor and any work that might be needed, to be done to your Triumph. They're good people and fair also.


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Jan 28, 2006
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2006 T100 Bonneville
The only Triumph dealer in this province lost their franchise 15 months ago.
The local Honda dealer is first class, bit all my modern bikes have been faultless and I've never needed any work other than the usual batteries and tires.
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