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Chris Davis

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Apr 1, 2011
My Rocket III Roadster has just be written off. Thankfully I am mended! Rather than get another Rocket I want something better suited to touring and commuting. I've had several Tigers and loved them and whilst the new Explorer looks awesome but it's gonna be very expensive at first and I'd rather wait for the new Trophy. So my thinking is to get the Sprint GT to see me through r next couple of years.

Any views / comments.

Cheers Chris
The sprint is a very nice bike
Shame about your Rocket. Glad you are ok.

I have ridden a GT twice....... very nice. IMO not as pretty as the ST, but superior for purpose.
Chris, I am glad that you have mended well. I am sorry that your R3 is a total loss. But bikes can be replaced; people cannot.

We Rocket Captains hate to lose a member for the fraternity, but I had the chance toride the GT at a demo day about 9 months ago. Incredible ride. Fast, handles wonderfully well (as far as they would let me push it). Bags are secure and commodious. Very nice looking to my eye as well. Can't imagine a better S-T ride, except for the latest Concours 14, which I've also ridden and which is awesome. Certainly both are in the same class.
The way I understand it the 2012 is now only the GT and is the same twin-spar aluminium beam frame as the ST, plus uprated internals and a new chassis.
GT replaced the ST and has some upgrades. I'll see if I can elaborate more later, as I'm at the office (where else) right now.
I have a 2011 GT. Lots of storage (added a hard tail case). Handles nicely (not quite as nimble as my Speed Triple, but it's 120 lbs. heavier, too). Very smooth ride compared to my prior Speed Triple. Love the windscreen (wind blast at "spirited" speeds on the Triple is tough). Lots of smooth power from the engine. Strong enough to keep it in a high gear (2500 rpms) most of the time, so I get over 50 mpg most of the time. Speedometer is a little small. Nice ride for me and for my lovely passenger (wife).
My one criticism is that the GT generates a lot of engine heat on the legs. This will be nice in cooler weather, but in the heat of the summer....not so much.
Hi there i have the sprint 1050 st and i know what you mean about the heat it gets very hot on the legs and backside , i have another problem and that is the seat its ( i have a gel one as well ) very uncomfatable ! ..... but it looks like the GT version is much better .
They guy from whom I bought the GT used to have an ST, and said that the GT was greatly improved. Compared to my Speed Triple, the seat of the GT is luxurious. No heat under the seat, but the legs get a little warm. I rode it home earlier this week from work in the heat (94 in the shade- much warmer on the blacktop highway), and it was o.k. I've read stories from other models that guys have some serious issues; this isn't that. Just compared to the naked Speed Triple, there is more heat on the legs.
I realy like the handle bar position and i like the footrest position as well and i there a great looking bike !... i think im going to have the seat re done and reshaped and see how that goes , if its no good then i may look at changing to the GT ..... we shall see !
Have you looked at aftermarket seats (Mustang, Sargent)? They aren't cheap ($400-500), but they are supposed to be very comfortable. Some people have even just added a gel pad as a cheap way to test what works. They strap onto the seat so they stay in place.
Agreed on the seating position. Funny enough, moving from the naked bike to the GT with the optional higher windshield means that I have more weight on my hands (the wind held me up on the Speed Triple). Gel pads in the new gloves and little time to get used to it is certainly the solution. Good Luck with the seat!

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