The Classic Motorcycle Video Thread

I liked that!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is referencing classic Triumphs, rather than just about them.


Have to take issue with the title though. Triumph Motorcycles NEVER DIED. They've not come back from the dead. They've been in production since the 1800s, started by a man of German heritage.

And, you non-classic owners, note the feeling described riding one.
Quiz for you … When the little Honda six was initially tested it was not able to reach any thing close to it’s intended 20 K plus rpm . What simple change fixed the problem ?
I remember this but cannot remember what they did to fix that.
Well , that was an answer , I think …
Well , that was an answer , I think …
I thought it was a question like found in pub quizzes and in Christmas crackers. *Slap forehead* when answer is revealed.
When Yamaha made the best Harleys …. They weren’t the only ones who just didn’t get it . Marketing , that is .

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