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Apr 18, 2021
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Hi, I'm stuck. Here's what happened:
I finished washing my Sprint and was walking it back into the garage when I slipped on some wet, soapy pavement and went down. The bike laid over in slow motion (on the right hand side) but didn't crack or break anything because it mostly landed on me - there are a couple of scratched on the fairing, but that's it. However, when I got it back up and tried to start it, it won't turn over. Turn it to on and the dials go through the diagnostic. The usual start up display occurs EXCEPT the low oil pressure light stays on and the engine maintenance light comes on and there's a whirring sound from beneath the tank. Not a starter noise, something softer, like the fuel pump (I assume) or a fan. It shuts off after about 5 seconds. I pulled the clutch lever and the light says its in neutral, kick stand is up, but nothing happens when I hit the starter switch. I make sure the kick stand is up and try again, to no avail. When I went to push the bike back into the garage, I noticed that it wasn't actually in neutral (even though the light was lit), so I worked the shifter and got it in neutral. It still wouldn't start.

So I looked in the Haynes manual and see a reference to the tip-over sensor. It suggests resetting it by turning the key on and off a couple of times. Tried that and it didn't work. so then I tried disconnecting the battery and even going in under the tank and the airbox to disconnect and reconnect the sensor (being careful to make sure the sensor was level (I shook the sensor to feel/hear the little mechanical contact ring - as seen in videos). Reconnected everything and the problem persists.

Question 1: is the tip over sensor a "single use" item? does it have to be replaced like a burnt fuse once it has ben triggered? (I hope not)
Question 2: is the problem with the shifter and some sort of neutral sensor? That doesn't make sense because the bike went down on the right hand side, not the left side where the shifter is.
Question 3: does this bike (any bike) have an OBD reader port that I could plug into and reset any error codes?

What am I missing? I'm not a trained mechanic but I understand bikes and do my own maintenance, so I could be walked through a procedure if you've got one.

Thanks in advance,

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Of all the dumb luck! I'm glad it wasn't any worse than it was.
I don't know enough about the subject to help you, but some others here may have a crack at it.
Kill switch get bumped when you fell over maybe? Sounds like fuel pump running, so the tip over sensor should be reset, That would kill the fuel pump I would think if it wasn't.
The low oil and maintenance lights should stay on 'til you start the engine. Checked battery connections? Fuses? Maybe got jarred loose in the tip over?
GL in your quest to get it restarted.
Problem SOLVED! Thanks to my wife, who noticed that a headlight was now out, thanks to Qship in this forum and another helpful soul in another Triumph forum, I went back and checked the leads, the relays and the fuses. I found a 20A fuse burnt out and once I swapped it out for a fresh one, the bike fired right up!

This was a reminder to stay patient and follow the procedure, eliminating simple things before jumping to conclusions about which big (expensive) solution might be necessary.

Thanks again.

Fuses? Maybe got jarred loose in the tip over?
Great news that it was that simple TUP

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