Triumph Launches Certified Pre-Owned Program


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Triumph has announced a certified pre-owned motorcycle program in the United States, effective November 23rd, 2020. With this program, buyers will have the security of a 1-year, unlimited mileage warranty, 1-year roadside assistance, and several other benefits that are typically not available to consumers when purchasing used motorcycles. For more information, refer to the official press release below.

From Press Release:


After proving successful in Europe, effective November 23rd, Triumph has launched a Certified Pre-Owned Motorcycle Program in the United States.

The program is designed to offer customers confidence in the condition and history of their chosen pre-owned Triumph motorcycle. When someone buys a bike that’s pre-owned, it’s important they feel confident in the purchase and that there will not be any surprises or problems further down the road. To help instill this confidence, every Certified Pre-Owned Triumph motorcycle comes with the following consumer benefits.

Customer Benefits

  • Minimum 1-year, Unlimited Mileage Warranty
  • 1-Year Roadside Assistance
  • Certified Vehicle Quality Check
  • Full Service History
  • Financing Available

Purchasing a pre-owned motorcycle may very well be a rider’s first experience with the Triumph brand. For Triumph, it’s imperative that their new pre-owned motorcycle lives up to our same high expectation and product experience of our new motorcycles. To ensure this quality, every Triumph motorcycle available through our Certified Pre-Owned program must meet precise standards before being offered to riders as Certified. In addition to the firmly defined criteria below, we rely on dealership discretion to carefully select motorcycles that deserve to be deemed as Certified Pre-Owned.

Motorcycle Eligibility

  • Triumph Motorcycles up to 5 years of age from first registration.
  • Maximum mileage of 25,000.
  • Service History recorded on Warranty-On-Line.
  • Completed multi-point inspection and all rectification work completed.
  • Any service required within 1,000 miles or 3 months will be completed.
  • The following bikes are NOT eligible for the program:
    • Bikes involved in major accidents.
    • Bikes used for racing
    • Bikes equipped with non-Triumph accessories

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I like this as I usually buy used bikes. TUP
Well we have had this in the UK for years ! .... i didn't realise that it was not available world wide .o_O
Well we have had this in the UK for years ! .... i didn't realise that it was not available world wide .o_O

I knew that you guys had it. I wondered why Triumph did not have this policy worldwide.
In fact i think its been here since Triumph came back in the 90's ?
I like this as I usually buy used bikes. TUP
yes its how I bought my current T120----it does mean that you pay top book plus a bit .mine was probably about £100 over price (not that you notice as your eyes are just full of bike and you just want to get your hands on it) BUT it gives great confidence and basically the bike is like 'as new'.

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