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Triumph Rally Pro - Lowered Seat Accessory Review


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Today, 13:25
Jun 30, 2020
Perth WA
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2020 Tiger 900 Rally Pro
Hi All,
Finally took delivery of the Lowered Seat I ordered in Jun'20 a couple of weeks ago!
Accessories are running particularly slow as to be expected (I think!).

I'm 5' 7" and can handle the standard seat on the Rally Pro at 850mm as I am used to this height after owning a Ducati Multistrada 1100s for the last 10 years.
But decided to go all out and get all the available Triumph Rally Pro accessories when I purchased the bike last Jun'20.

What can I say the seat is 20mm lower than the standard seat, it replaces only the Riders seat not the pillion and is not heated.
The heated option is not a big issue over here in Western Australia but I will use it during our winter which can get down to 2 degC some mornings!

The only other thing worth mentioning is that there is (obviously) less padding and this is extremely noticeable to the point that I am 50/50 whether I want to use it at all! The stability you gain is good when coming to a stop at traffic lights and when lane filtering.
Plan to give it a go for a while longer, see how my rear fairs on a long ride then decide if eBay will be worth considering!

The seat cost me AU$250 less a 15% discount then 10% GST added. That's US$195.00 todays rate.

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