Triumph Teases Brand New 2021 Bonneville Lineup!


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2021 Bonnevilles Have Tease-Worthy Updates​

Triumph has their newly updated lineup of Bonneville motorcycles ready for the 2021 model year! The British motorcycle manufacturer just released a teaser video to their youtube account and has a section of their official website dedicated to the teaser.

The Bonneville is a staple in the Triumph lineup and has been part of the British OEM’s family since 1959 when they were first introduced. Since then, the motorcycle has gone numerous changes on a technological level, but the vintage heritage styling is something that remains the same – even going into the 2021 model year. If there is anything that the Bonneville has managed to maintain since its inception, is it’s classic styling; the Triumph Bonneville lineup will never forget where it came from.


Speaking of styling changes, it appears as though Triumph has opted for a LED hybrid single-bulb headlamp for the front of the motorcycle. It’s hard to tell with how little information Triumph has provided us, but upon closer inspection, it does indeed look like Triumph integrated some LED lighting features into the heritage-headlamp.

Whatever the updates are that will be coming, you can expect them to most likely apply to the entire lineup of 2021 Bonneville motorcycles. If I am indeed correct about the LED headlights, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to find it applied to all of the different variants in the lineup along with whatever other changes Triumph has coming down the pipes.

Triumph mentioned in their official press email that the global live launch for the Bonneville lineup will be held on the 23rd of February, 2021.

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Will 2021 finally see the launch of the Diana project then?!!

Oh well, new LED headlamp and 2021 paint colours it is then...

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