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Additional lighting is undoubtedly one of the most useful additions to any motorcycle. It not only helps you see better in the dark, extra lights can also make you more visible to other road users. However, adding lights often requires brackets to hang them on the bike, extensive wiring for power, relays, and extra switches that will crowd your handlebars or cockpit. Weiser Technik has come to the rescue with their UltraBRIGHTS LED 2-in-1 turn signal inserts which utilize existing housings to add driving or brake lights to your bike with a bare minimum of wiring or effort.

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Weiser offers kits for a variety of motorcycles to allow a nearly plug ’n’ play installation, even on bikes with the fickle CAN bus. The kits include nearly everything you’ll need: high quality Posi-Twist and Posi-Tap connectors, a pre-wired relay, zip ties, and leads with plenty of length to make connections a breeze. Unlike many other LED turn signals, you won’t need to wire in additional resistors or load equalizers. For most installations you’ll only need a couple of screwdrivers, wire cutters, wire strippers, and a little electrical tape. It’s possible, in some scenarios, you may also need a multimeter to locate appropriate wires or additional tools to remove your fairings and/or turn signals. The included instructions are clear, detailed, and very understandable; Weiser also has their full instructions and a suite of installation videos online.

Weiser Lights OnBike
My installation on a 2019 Triumph Tiger 800 XCA for this review was a little more involved but not any more technically difficult and could still very easily be completed in the 1–2 hours Weiser suggests for most installations. For Tigers built between 2010–2017 the EXTREME signal shape is a direct fitment, but with the 2018 and 2019 models Triumph moved to a new incandescent signal shape for the U.S. while the rest of the world got very slim LED indicators. Luckily, Weiser’s LEGACY I signal shape fits the 2018 and 2019 housings and Weiser is developing a new part to allow direct fitment with no modifications to the existing signals.

Once Weiser has the new part available, 2018 and 2019 Tiger owners in the U.S. will have two options for installing UltraBRIGHTS 2-in-1 LEDs; the LEGACY I shape will be an easy direct fitment, and for those desiring a slimmer look the EXTREME shape requires only minor modification. Both shapes result in a clean look and extra functionality of the turn signals. Weiser has new signal housings available to add to your order if you’re interested in changing the signal shape on your Tiger 800 or adding UltraBRIGHTS 2-in-1 LEDs to any other motorcycle.

Personally, I prefer the slimmer look of the EXTREME signals and installation required a set of BMW housings and a minor modification to the OEM turn signal stalks. The BMW housings fit on the Triumph signal stalks, and the modification is just cutting a small notch out of the signal stalk to provide room for the new signal lens tab to seat in the housing. I experimented with a few different tools for cutting the notch, but found a utility knife/razor with a fresh blade to be the most efficient tool for the job.

After installation, I have to say I’m very happy with the 2-in1 UltraBRIGHT LEDs. The driving lights in the front signals provide an impressive amount of light for their size, particularly providing extra low and side illumination which could really help you see gravel in a turn or deer lurking on the shoulder. The brake lights in the rear signals have effectively doubled the amount of light under braking and the amber turn signals are noticeably brighter than the OEM incandescent bulbs. Both are welcome improvements to help others see me when I most need them to. I asked Weiser about the possibility of the rear signals operating as running lights in addition to turn and brake indicators, but their philosophy to provide a more effective extra brake light requires the signals to be completely dark prior to being illuminated rather than being partially lit before. Think of the third brake light on a car or truck; when it lights up, you know to slow down.

Weiser Lights onTiger800

This is a premium product which is priced accordingly but does exactly what it advertises, and Weiser has really stepped up to make installation as easy as possible. Weiser Technik is confident enough in their product to provide a 60-day satisfaction guarantee as well as a four-year warranty, both of which are completely backed up by the performance, quality of the product, and the price at which they’re offered.


$249 per pair | $449 combined front and rear

Fitment: BMW, Triumph, KTM, Aprilia, and more.


  • Enhanced visibility and conspicuity to other road users
  • Easy installation on many bikes
  • Four-year warranty


  • Premium products come with premium price tags
  • Limited direct fitment

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