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Sep 26, 2008
I'am in SE Michigan. Would be cool to have someone from round here that i could ride occasionally with. Since i have never seen another S3 on the road i doubt it will happen. Where is everyone from?
it is always cool if you can find another rider near you and I know a lot of the folks here have done this and go riding at times. Unfortunately I am a bit far for this :y114: South Africa
I am from way south of the grits line line in Florida.
Nova Scotia, Canada, over in the "far east" :y2:
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I'm probably the other side of the world to you. :D

You can try out www.thespeedtriple.com

I think I saw some guys from Mich there.

Hi, I'm from over the Pond.Belgium, Europe
Located between Holland, Germany, France and the Channel,that's between the main land and the UK. :y18:
Daphne, Alabama here :y115:
Just across the pond in the north of England.
Most of the folks in here are from all corners of the world and not many are within a reasonable distance of one another. That's too bad (but in a good way) as I would certainly enjoy meeting many of you in person.
I'm in Topeka, Kansas, home of the 666 zip code. I've seen several Trumps here in town and I know there's an active Dealer in Kansas City. I'm riding a second hand 2001 Speed Triple and FWIW I love this bike. I've fun ridden it, commuted it, taught my son to ride with it. Don't tattle on me but it's the fastest I've ever been on the ground...
I'm down here in what is referred to as "the North of the South" - sunny South Florida! But I have Midwestern roots - born and raised in Chicago.
Im from the east coast of Australia, lots of good riding but a lot of bad roads to.
Im from the east coast of Australia, lots of good riding but a lot of bad roads to.

Bad roads only help hone your skills.
I'm happy with uncluttered roads with potholes, the alternative is quality straight roads choked up with traffic. :y15:
I was born and raised in the West Midlands (UK) but now live it LLanidloes in Mid Wales.
Germany here, hope you find one closer to youBBEER
Born in Finland, family moved to Massachusetts and later to Texas. Briefly lived in Finland again in the mid 1980’s to mid 1990’s, then back to Houston.
I'm in Crittenden, Kentucky...... 50 miles north of Lexington.
Looking to have my 1976 T140 on the road this spring!

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