Where y'all from

I'm not cherry picking, perhaps I didn't express myself well...
Cabot landed on mainland America before Columbus. Colombus landed in the Caribbean before Cabot landed on mainland America.
As you said, Vikings got there before either. And of course the indigenous peoples were there long, long before.

Columbus went on to claim South America for Spain, and Cabot claimed Canada and America for Henry Vll.
If it wasn't for Cabot, you'd perhaps be a Spanish speaker?

I can already speak Spanish, and Portuguese, and Arabic. 2 years of Spanish is required in the lion's share of public high schools these days in the US, esp. w/in the vast regions where Spanish has always been prevalent. And I grew up in one of the Spanish-speaking heartlands here. There's many, many places here where if you don't know the language you're at serious disadvantage, and it's been that way for centuries. Personally, my lineage is kind of new to the show historically. My English-speaking ancestors started coming to the US in the latter 19th century to escape British oppression, some being pressed into Federal Military and Naval service on the docks.

Columbus is attributed to discovering N. America, a title which is completely accurate. All the sea-faring powers of the day knew there was a probable large landmass to the west of the initial landings due to weather patterns, currents, wildlife, etc. Moreover- the Spanish possessed copious claims on what became mainland US for well over 2 centuries going back to the early 1500's. They held this territory while the Anglocentric culture settled to the east hadn't crossed the Appalachians yet. It's one of the reasons we have so many states with Spanish names(Montana, Colorado, etc).

Oh yeah, in keeping with the thread... I'm Carolina. Look at a map of the US East Coast, find dead center. I'm about an hour inland where the coastal plain meets the foothills.
I'am in SE Michigan. Would be cool to have someone from round here that i could ride occasionally with. Since i have never seen another S3 on the road i doubt it will happen. Where is everyone from?
Holland, Michigan here. Not far but waiting for winter to calm down so l can pick up my 2023 Speed Twin 1200 from the dealership
Manchester uk, been riding 40 years just restored a 71 tiger tr6, happy cruisen pal
I was told in school that the original Matthew, in1497, had a harley davidson engine fitted.
Must have been fitted after it docked in America. Unless the Americans discovered Bristol before Cabot landed in America.
Wardle, lancashire, great britain
I'm in Crittenden, Kentucky
Originally from northwest Indiana, Hammond, IN
I'm in Cincinnati, I ride in northern KY quite a bit.,(lot of great roads. ) if you want to meet up and ride let me know.
I am from NewZealand and own a 1200 aTiger Explorer and Love it man


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O and a Bandit forgot about the Suzuki
I'm from Corsica... now based in North Manchester, England.


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Anchorage, Alaska. I spent 15 years up here feeling like the riding season was just way too short to justify owning a bike; I finally realized it's a whole lot shorter when you don't have one.

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